Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Starting something new! I may not be able to do it every week, but I'll try! :) I'm linking up with Megan from Blissfully Burton to share what I'm thankful for...this could take all day! God has been too good to me. I don't deserve any of it!

If you want to also do, "Thankful Thursdays"...enjoy every minute of it!!  Please link up my blog and Blissfully Burton's along with your post. :)

I'm thankful for.....

My faith. I rely on this so much. I'm so thankful that the Lord guides my days. Collins is the best reminder of how wonderful He is!

My family. They are my rocks here on earth. If a day passes that I haven't seen makes me sad! Trent and my Dad travel a lot and I am so thankful that they return to us safely each time!

My sweet baby boy. I'm smothering him with kisses and hugs every day! (he loves Butterfly kisses!)  He's growing too fast and I wonder if he won't want these kisses someday.

My friends. I'm so thankful that I have them to laugh with and share stories. I look forward to a girls trip in September with some of my best friends!

A sweet lifetime friend. I love talking to her on the phone and although there's something challenging in her life right now, I'm thankful for her friendship and the time we have to talk about faith, unconditional love, and hope. :)

A home. So many people are without homes and power right now. I wish I could fly up there and help, but I know prayers are just as powerful.

I'm thankful for SO much!


  1. Love this! I may steal the Thankful Thursdays!! :)

  2. Thanks for playing this week, Maegan! :)

  3. We truly have so much to be thankful for... Great post! Your family is just so sweet! :) And your little guy is so handsome! I hope you all have a great weekend!

  4. I LOVE thankful Thursdays!! Dana, I've missed your posts!!!!

    Emily- We sure do! Your little one is beautiful. :) Thanks for your post!

  5. so glad you linked up this week! what a great list too. your little man is adorable, ps.