Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One Full Thanksgiving Belly!

I am SO very thankful for all of the family time we've had this past week! We stayed in Lexington for Thanksgiving this year and my Daddy gave the most beautiful prayer before dinner. We are thankful for so much, but especially for my mom's health!! For dessert, we went to Justin and Caron Cron's beautiful home! Caron's little brother is Matthew (my sis' boyfriend) and it was so sweet of them to invite the whole fam over. Collins had fun playing with their 5 year old son, Will, and loved trying pumpkin pie! Collins also loved the yummy mashed potatoes at dinner and had his own little special table setting. :)
Collins' First Thanksgiving!

My beautiful momma!

Mom and Trent slicing the turkey! Oh, and Collins too! haha

Collins' place setting....turkey and sweet potatoes, peaches, and the big bowl of mashed potatoes!!

One full and happy baby!

Look who found BeeBee's pantry! He crawls there everytime we are visiting!

Ok Lucie...I'll give you one.
We went to Bloomington the day after Thanksgiving to celebrate with Trent's family. Collins slept the entire way and was wound up when we got there. :) We went to see the lighting of the lights in downtown Bloomington and shopped at this adorable kids boutique. Of course Erin (my sister-in-law) and I found some cute little goodies. Dinner was at this yummy steakhouse and I made a HUGE mistake. Since Collins can eat table foods I had ordered him some apple sauce to go with his veggies. Well, this is packed with sugar and the child would not fall asleep until 11:30!! And here's the kicker...no matter what time he goes to bed, he always wakes up between 7 and 8. So, he was a little crabby the next day, but again, he just slept the entire way home. :)
Whoa baby. Our SUV was literally the size of the tires.

Showing Kennedi how he can slam dunk the ball into the bucket. hehe
This is no Thanksgiving meal Grandma....
Snack time with Papaw
LOVE that sweet face
Wish she lived here! Such a huge help!
Tree lighting ceremony downtown. SO beautiful!
A magical looking scene!
One warm, happy baby!
Sportin' the Christmas hat and pj's!
What a sweet girl. She loves to read and I'm so proud of how much she's learned in K this year!
 Been busy Christmas decorating and I'll post pics soon! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! Did you get snow????


Monday, November 21, 2011

9 Month Party & Thankful Hearts Article


I think Trent is most proud of Collins' 'high-five' accomplishment. Must be a guy thing. :) Collins started doing this about 2 weeks ago and we all just couldn't believe it! He picks up on things SO quickly! Kinda freakishly fast! He learned how to clap a week later and loves hearing our reactions when he claps. Such a silly boy!

The thing that's amazed me the most is how smart he really is. He watched my dad 'slam dunk' one of his basketballs into a bowl and Collins crawled over there and did the same thing immediately after! He surprises me every day with something! It used to be dirty diapers....but those are a pretty familiar thing around here. ha

So, back to the party! We themed it around his high five trick and had HI-C, FIVE Guys burgers, and because Thanksgiving is right around the corner....we celebrated how thankful we are for Mr. Collins with turkey cupcakes. :)

Just had to post a picture of the fries. YUM!

Relaxing with Aunt Sis! Thanks Mrs. Troop for the cute pjs!

Toyota celebrates their 25th Anniversary this year, so we were lucky enough to get to go to the celebration at Rupp! Trent doesn't technically work for Toyota, but his company staffs workers for Toyota, so they invited Trent. So sweet. He loves working out there and enjoys all of the people.

The best part is....Trent tells me Wednesday. If I would have known about this I would have told him immediately!! Hello?!?! Tim McGraw? George Lopez? He's not one to get overly excited about things like this, but come on!!! hehe It went something like this, "Saturday night there's an event at Rupp that we can go to. I have two tickets. Tim McGraw will be there, some magician, and George Lopez." Notice the period. No exclamation mark! haha Well, we went and I am SO thankful for the amount of fun that we had together. We had a blast. Free food, free parking, and a free concert. George Lopez made us laugh until our bellies hurt and we had fun singing along to Tim's classics. It was a great date night. xo

I'm so thankful for every minute I get these days with Trenty. When he's home, I'm complete. I'm so excited for a whole week with him and I am SO thankful for so much this Thanksgiving. My heart overflows with joy.

I fell in love with an article online. Here's a little bit of it. :) Do read, you won't be dissapointed. It's about being thankful for the wonderful gifts AND the unplanned and inconvenient circumstantances in our lives.

"As Americans celebrate Thanksgiving this month, many will reflect on God's blessings in their lives. It can be easy to appreciate the wonderful gifts God gives to us and the way that He provides for us. But I wonder how many of us are thankful for the unplanned and inconvenient circumstances which we may be facing. Scripture tells us to "give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus" (1 Thessalonians 5:18, NIV). "

With a Thankful Heart,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

9 Month Checkup!

 That's my nine month old baby!!! We have FOUR teeth on the bottom as of today and two up top!! WOW! Collins had to get his heel pricked today, his urine tested (weirdest contraption ever), and the flu shot. He was a really good patient and I'm so thankful for how healthy he is!

Length: 29 1/4 80th percentile....up from 27 1/4 at 6 mos.
Weight: 22 lbs. 10 oz. 75th percentile....up from 17 lbs. 9 oz. at 6 mos.
Head: 46 1/4 70th percentile...up from 44 at 6 mos.

So, we gained a few pounds, eh? :) Well, he loves to eat like his momma. xo

Sitting up on the scale!

Mommy and Collins...love you baby boy!

Playing games with BeeBee...thanks Mom for coming to help!

:) He loves the attention! The urine testing contraption is under his diaper....so weird! I was not prepared for this...haha
A few pics from the past week!

Whoa parents!?!? A new carseat?  (the child never has pants on)

So sweet. Walked in on him sleeping and saw him cuddling with his BlaBla doll. Thanks Aunt Sis!

Cheering on the CATS! :)

Daddy brought Collins to the Rosa Parks Mall to see me. :) What a special break!

My little monkey. xo

What is this you say? Many meals that I don't have to cook!! I got together with my girlfriends and we had a cooking party! Too fun!

Play date with Harper Alan! She's so cute!!

One of his favorite toys...the wipes.

Trying to get over the barrier.....time for gates.

Bed head and messy!!!
My husband has been traveling a lot and it's been really hard. I saw this on a friend's facebook wall and although it brought tears, I love what it says. I've got to be strong for Collins. I can't be a good mommy if I'm not happy and giving him everything I have. The Lord has been so good to me and He's given me the strength to do things I never thought I could!!

Love the alone time with my sweet boy.

Talking to Daddy on the phone!

We send pics to Daddy all the time!
 I'm so excited about tonight! Aunt Sis is coming over to babysit so Trent and I can go out to eat and Christmas/birthday shop for Collins! Having a February baby could be a challenge! hehe :)