Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby Schedule and Homemade Food!!

Sometimes I wish I was a baby....#1, I'd love to be held, rocked, and carried around all day. #2, I'd love to not have to worry about a thing other than my diaper and when I'm going to eat. And #3, I'd love to be able to sleep whenever I want!!
Holding his empty bottle trying to get more out!!

Could you smile any bigger?

Play time!

He loves to play in his playpen and watch me in the kitchen!

Oh my cheeks!

Bath time is the best!

We were on such a wonderful sleeping pattern until this week. He normally sleeps for about 11 hours, takes 2 long naps, and we would both be SO happy. Well, the past couple of days have been short of naps. What's the prob? These little white things surfacing in his mouth and a runny nose. He isn't an unhappy baby, he just won't sleep. I've never had to wipe his nose until this week and I'm so thankful he's been so healthy! Are runny noses caused from teething or is it an allergy? My allergies have been acting up, so maybe he's allergic to the same things? He hasn't been rubbing his ears yet and this is good. I just hate seeing him so out of sorts...he doesn't know what to make of it and I feel so bad for him! My Mom said that I'll be a wreck when he is really true.

Besides all of this, he truly is on an awesome schedule and I have Dr. Warner to thank for this. Collins' pediatrician's twin boys are a week older than Collins and so I ask him every time, "What do you do for this...for that...." and he tells me all of it. So, we are on the twins' schedule and it's working like a charm! Oh, and we are done nursing due to two little teeth.  Last week Collins bit down and I about bit my tongue in the process. I thought, "Well, this won't happen was a mistake...." The next morning I screamed so loud it scared him and he bit down even harder. I was hurting for the next hour and got emotional wondering if I was really done nursing. It's our quiet time together and I love how he cuddles with me. It really has been special! So, after talking to Trent and my Mom and them both reassuring me it's ok to stop and that I should feel good because I did it for so long....we are done. It's bittersweet.

Here's the schedule that Dr. Warner's been great!

8:00-8:40 wake-up bottle and mommy/baby cuddle time in bed

8:40-10:30 play, read, sing, know the normal (maybe a bath!)

10:30-10:45 fruit or veggie and oatmeal....I know the veggies sound nasty, but we had to do each of them for 3 days straight to check for allergies

10:45-12:00 morning nap (he falls asleep immediately after eating!)

12:00-12:20 bottle

12:20-3:00 play, read, do whatever mommy is doing!

3:00-4:00 afternoon nap

4:00-4:20 bottle

4:20-6:30 play and daddy time!

6:30-6:45 fruit and veggie

6:45-8:00 play and wind down, cuddle time

8:00-8:20 bedtime bottle

8:20pm-8am one sleepy baby!

I decided to push myself and do something fun, inexpensive, and healthy!! I made Collins' baby food! I just started with peas, but it was so simple! I finally put the Magic Bullet to work.....ha! All I did was empty two frozen bags of peas into a boiling pot of water...let them cook....put them in the Magic Bullet with one spoonful of water....and wa-la! We have baby food and he loved it!

Love these little Baby Blocks. They have a tight suction and keep the food  fresh! I got them from Babies R Us.

We had to try them! Yum! He now opens his mouth just waiting for the food! I can't put the sweet potatoes in his mouth fast enough!

PS: New onesie design for Callaway! Have fun wearing this while you tear into your first little cupcake! xo Happy First Birthday!

PPS: I've mentioned this before, but running has really taken over my days! I look forward to the off days so I can rest my muscles and not have to wear a sports bra! hehe Sis and I ran 7 miles downtown last Saturday and we did it in 76:44 minutes!  It's a 10:57 pace and we normally keep between a 9 and 10 minute pace...but I was so nervous. We started out really slow and my goal was just to finish without walking! And we did! :) This weekend we continue 7 miles again....thank goodness!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A New Job!

Well, here it is done.... I'm a Kelly's Kids sales rep! :)YAY! I'm so excited, especially because I love their clothes and I have a HUGE box coming my way to steam and get set up!! If you'd like a party before the end of the fall season (Oct. 28th), let me know! If you order clothes this fall season, please consider using my rep ID: 115514 Click HERE to find out more!!! Thank you!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bible Babies

You have GOT to visit this blog. I ran across this site looking for ways to plant seeds in Collins' little life, and found tons of ideas! This idea is for older boys, but thought it was too cute not to share!


"My boys LOVE superheroes. For the months of September and October we will teach them about the superheroes of the bible like David, Gideon etc, and why they are so super. Then they can dress up as one of them for the halloween holiday. Whenever someone asks who they are, they will have a shining answer ready. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. 1 Peter 3:15"

How precious.

Yes, Collins is young, but never to young to hear about how much Jesus loves him. Giving him the seeds of love, forgiveness, reliability, trustworthiness, and dependability are so important to his growth in knowing Jesus. They are the foundations of faith that give him little glimmers of God long before he even knows his name! Thanks St. Johns Lutheran Church for the little monthly, "Growing in Christ" lessons you send. You've taught me a lot about planting seeds!

Please share any ideas that you have! I'd love to know!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stripes, Squeals, and Sitting Up!

There is definitely a new found peace with staying home. However, I feel this daily urge to help out financially and I can't get rid of it! I know my job is to take care of my baby, but I feel like I need to help. Is this weird or off kilter? Trent's not pressuring me...we will be ok if we make hmmmmm.....I guess this is just a natural feeling when you go from working to staying home.

My working friends have been so very supportive of our family choice and this means so much to me. They still include me in after work get togethers and they never fail to ask how life is at home. And my answer to that? Wonderful!! I am one happy-go-lucky mommy. :)

I will start BSF (large bible study here in town) in September and look forward to growing in God's word and getting to meet tons of Christian women. On top of this, I'll be tutoring past students, singing at weddings, making clothes, and well, I can't tell yet!!!!! I am still in the training process, but this is so exciting for me!!! After talking to a couple of moms, this seems like the perfect stay at home job for me! :) Can you guess what it is?

So, in the past week Collins has grown by leaps and bounds. He is sitting up by himself and squealing up a storm! It's so fun to watch his little body shake as he builds up for a loud squeal. He bring so much joy to our lives!
Too cute in stripes!

Cutest little baby rump!

ALWAYS so happy!
I had a fun Monday night with Patty and Sara. We always have a blast when we are together and I miss seeing them everyday at work! Sara (who you've seen on the blog a lot) was Patty's student teacher years ago. Patty and I were team teachers so I was able to grow to know Sara and just loved her! We became great friends right away and I am so thankful that God placed her in that teaching assignment. :)

Patty and this hilarious singing toy she got him! He looks scared here!

Reading, The Very Hungry Caterpillar! I found my big board books from student teaching in 1st grade 7 years ago! :) He LOVES the page with all of the food! hehe

In my running clothes....seems like all I wear these days! ha
Hope God blesses your day in a very special way!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Unpacking Memories

Getting in bed last night made me one happy mommy! It was a long, but very fun weekend. I was unpacking this morning and couldn't help but think of the little memories along the way...

Trent surprised me with Lady Antebellum tickets for our 4 year anniversary. It was my FAVORITE concert!!! I knew all the songs...I'm slightly obsessed with Hillary's voice...and we were super close! :) I love their story and hope to go to another one of their concerts in my lifetime!! Our good friends, Matt and Andrea, watched Collins and I looooved getting texts about how he was doing! Collins loved their puppy dogs and couldn't take his eyes off of them while he ate his peas! Thank you sweet friends for taking care of our baby!

Ready to go in!!!



Had to get a candy apple at the fair!!

Matt and Andrea babysitting!!

The three of us spend the night in Lousville and then headed to Bloomington the next day to see Trent's fam! We surprised Dad Waltz at his elementary school and had a fun afternoon in the principal's office. hehe We got to see Kennedi in her classroom and this is one of my most special memories. She was so proud to introduce her cousin to her classmates! When school was over, Kennedi came to the office and we got to take her home! Dad and Mom Waltz couldn't believe how big Collins had gotten..sitting up...eating solid foods...laughing so much....two little bottom teeth!

He was teething a little while we were there, but he was still a happy baby! (For all you moms out there with teething have to try TEETHING TABLETS...they have saved us many nights! Collins' pediatrician told us about these and we went and got them right away!)

Saturday mornings are my long runs, so whether I wanted to or not, I had to run 6 miles. Trent took me to the most beautiful wooded trail in Bloomington and I was thankful for the shade and soft ground. I was nervous to attempt this run without my sister, but I had to. I did 6.2 in 66 with a water break at mile 3. So, it might have been more like 64? Wishful thinking?!?!...but I did hear my sister in my head the entire time and I never stopped to walk! :)

We had fun visiting with the Waltz's all weekend and we were sad to go! Kennedi, I loved singing to Collins' baby tunes in the car with you!!

This is Kennedi on the first day of school with her Papaw...the principal!!!

Collins and Papaw

Cute pic...even with the teething drool!

:) Who's in charge?

Kennedi in the principal's office!! :) hehe

Love the school street signs!

Summit kids!

Suzy lives across the street! So glad we got to visit!

Looking at pics in Doug's office!

Great smiles!

Bus duty!

Proud Grandma! xo

Squash....yummy!!! He loves it!

Proud Papaw xo

Teaching her all about changing diapers and feeding Collins!


Out to lunch....she was the babysitter for the day!

My two faves!

Kennedi is reading! What a smart Kindergartener she is!

Aunt Erin!

This is how I felt!

And my dear Collins, you are the most precious part of every memory. You have this incredible way of ALWAYS putting a smile on my face. Your big brown eyes melt my heart and your little dimples are too cute! I even love your loud squeal!! You are my sunshine!
Big boy sitting up!!! He can see Mommy now in the kitchen!

Long and fun weekend = bath time!

I forgot to include pics last week of the Dominican vs UK pro team game!!! It was SO good to be back in Rupp...not pregnant this time! I went to games up to month 8 and I felt enormous in those stands. :)

My best friend and hubby!