Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The last month :)

  Our life in a nutshell of pictures! :)
  Andrew and Amelia are 2 months old on the 30th!

Amelia & Andrew were baptized!! :)
Big brothers :)

The twins' first time at church! 

Sweet Collins Paul....my big boy!

Collins trying on sissy's bows!! Could pass for a girl!!

First walk as a family!!

Andrew, my sweet cuddle bug!

LOVE these peanuts :)

Amelia Kay

Andrew Douglas

First time out to eat with just our family!

First alone date with mommy and daddy since the twins! We went to ride on Thomas the Train! 

Andrew is always thinking and focusing on things :)

He's getting cheeks!!

Please momma!

Amelia, our smiley girl!

Always moving!

Just so content...always!!

Happy 1 month to the twins!!

All time fave....Andrew cuddling sissy

Girls and bows....too fun!

I want to eat this little nose!! :)

Oh, this binkie....had all intentions for it to be gone by now.....

Father's Day xoxo

First day of summer camp!! Saw cereal on the table and ran!


Lovin' their binkies!


Someday he will hate that his mom still has all her teaching items.....

We're busy, but having so much fun!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Before

Change is hard. Really hard. Many do everything they can to avoid it and some have anxiety about it. Simply put, change means that 'something' is just not the same as before.

I'll admit I'm a creature of habit. I eat the same things, do the same things, and enjoy when my week is 'normal'.

But this 30th year of life has me looking at change in a whole new light. With all change....comes good. I swear by that! What change in your life hasn't challenged you to look at something different or more positive, made you a better person, made your life more rich, or brought your relationships to a deeper level?

Our lives have changed with the birth of our three little ones, but I can't tell you what life was like 'before' then. Change has had a way of making me appreciate what I have now, making me forget what a dinner without kids felt like....change has added so much more value to my life and I don't miss a minute of 'the before'.

What I can tell you is that 'the before' had none of this. xoxo

Change is perfect. Change is God's perfect plan for our lives.

And, before all of this...life must have been REALLY BORING!!