Friday, September 23, 2011

Girl's Trip #1

I know it's Friday, but I'm going to do Thankful Thursday today! I suffered from a migraine last evening and was out of sorts. My Thankful Thursday post is going to be about my girls' trip!!!

The trip to Florida was more fun than I could have ever imagined. And all we did was laugh, sleep, eat, lay out by the ocean/pool, and play games! If you remember from previous posts I went with 4 of my best friends...Kristin, Katherine, and Eileen. We grew up dancing together at Diana Evans and Katherine and I also went to school together. Kristin planned the 'mystery' trip to 'Orlando' and I thought for sure that we were staying at the Nickelodeon hotel. It has a slime pit and I knew this would be something that the four of us would do together. Well, Kristin had better plans!! Thank goodness! We traveled further (by car...a Crown Vic rental!!) to her grandparent's condo in Vero Beach. Weird thing was called, 'The Victorian'...just like our car! haha

Our adventures started out at the waffle house that first night on our drive to the beach. Our waitress had us crying hysterically the entire time. She asked us if we had a Waffle House in Kentucky. Funny part was, I think she was wondering if we traveled all this way to eat there! hehe
The syrup from our waitress. I wish you could have heard the sound it made as she put it on our table! I think our silverware jumped!

We continued on our drive and could not believe our eyes as we stepped foot into Kristin's grandparents condo. Even though it was dark, I could tell the panoramic view of the ocean was going to be absolutely stunning....Oh, and what's even better than the view?? Hearing the ocean as we sleep!!! And what's even better that that? A KING BED with a best friend. No queen bed with a  super tall husband. hehe I did miss him though, but Kristin was a good cuddler. :)

In the morning, I was not disappointed. It was beautiful. The condo was steps away from the ocean and we spent much time sitting on the beach letting the waves splash us in the face. :)
Couldn't get enough of this view!!

The very quiet and peaceful pool!

View from our bedroom!

You know this leads somewhere awesome!!
Four friends hit the beach!!
The Victorian 2011!!


We only went out to eat one night! We loved cooking in and ordering pizza. The condo was just TOO much fun to leave! We watched scary movies, cute romance movies, and even the UK game!
Umm.....yum! South Beach Pizza is the best!


Love you girls!

Florida Fruit!! Yum!
Kristin and Katherine at Captain Hirams! Thanks Corey for the suggestion!

Eileen and Me :)

Love how all three of my friends have sexy beach I had to straighten my hair.

SO yummy! And you're adorable Kristin!
We played tons of games too! Hedbandz was definitely the most FUN game, but Kristin will tell you she is a PRO at Rook. She won three times in a row...but let me tell you...I was on her team for two of those!! hehe I can't believe I've never played that game as my maiden name is Rooke! Crazy!
Kat and Kristin.....HEDBANZ! Yes, we even played in the airport! Random people were playing along with us too!! 

Eileen and me taking a break from the sun! 
I am still thinking about all of the funny, honest, and sweet talks that we had together while laying out by the pool. We just get each other and there's no better way to say it than that. We get each other.

Going home was bittersweet. Saying goodbye to Eileen, who was headed to Atlanta, was tough and then saying goodbye to Katherine and Kristin meant the trip was over! So this was the bitter part!  The sweet you all know...was seeing my sweet Collins and Trenty. Collins smiled when he saw me and this melted my heart. He's starting to do this when Trent comes home from work and it's so special. It lets you know you're doing an ok job. :)
The loves of my life! Trent and Collins went to Indiana to see family while I was gone! I will post pics of this trip later!

So, I'm still reliving every moment from our girl's trip and counting down the days until our next trip. Katherine is in charge of planning....oh my! She's our goofiest friend and could definitely take us on an adventure. Thank you Kristin for the relaxing trip! I needed that this year. :)

We decided that on our 25th Anniversary trip...we'll got to Europe! Starting to save now! :)

So, I'm VERY thankful for my girls.  "I thank my God for you my friend,' Phil 1:3.



  1. Fun trip!
    The pic of Collins and Trent is soo adorable! You need to frame that!
    Sorry about no Thankful Thursday...I just couldn't get it together this week! :/

  2. So glad you and your friends had an enjoyable time on your trip. Can't get over how pristine the beach is, especially in your "Beautiful" shot. Amazing that there seemed to be so few people around too. Glad you had this you time, a time of rejuvenation, and renewal. Love the pictures of your boys. Collins pic almost looks like a staged studio shot.

    Amy F.