Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy 7 Months Collins!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy! :) Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back!

My little goofball :)

 What are some new things that Collins is doing?
  • he rolls across the room 
  • he can get up on his knees and hands...but no crawling yet!
  • two bottom teeth are in
  • his hair is getting long!
  • he laughs all the time!
  • kinda gross I know, but his diapers are changing... easier to clean up!
  • LOVES all fruits and veggies...except carrots
  • can drink out of a Nuby sippy cup...he gets a little bit of water after he eats his oatmeal :)
  • when you hold him he looks back at you and smiles...melts my heart!
  • he is definitely on a schedule...the other night at 8pm he started getting fussy...I thought it was 7:30...nope, it was 8 and he was hungry!!
  • his eyelashes keep growing!!
  • we had to move the mat down in his play pen...he was pulling himself up with his hands!
  • he likes to bounce and stand up
  • when we go on walks, he sucks on the stroller bar that holds him in
  • when he swings, he closes his eyes and laughs on the way down
He's just the sweetest blessing in our lives. :) 

PS: Mystery trip destination is Orlando!!! So, the idea of this sweet little trip is based off of a magazine article about staying in touch with your closest buds and how important friend time is. Basically, one friend plans a trip each year and it has to stay within a budget. It's a secret until you get close to trip time! Kristin gave us little clues along the way (although none of them were really true...haha)! So, Katherine, Eileen, Kristin, and I will be headed to Orlando next week and I am so excited and blessed to have such sweet friends. We were all different ages when we met, but if I remember correctly, I was about 8 when I met Kristin and Eileen. I knew Katherine a littler earlier because we went to James Lane Allen Elementary together! Trent and my Mom will be taking care of Collins and I am SO thankful for this too!



  1. Happy 7 Months!! He is SUCH a handsome little man! :) And have fun on your trip!!

  2. how fun! a girls trip! :)

    Love the picture of Collins...that grin is to die for!! :)

  3. Hehe thanks Meg!! I'm pretty sure he made that face for Mary this morning!!

  4. Thanks Emily!!! It's so sweet that you follow the blog!!!