Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Collins' First Kiss!

Eliza Jane is the most beautiful little girl. She gets more beautiful every time I see her! Her hair is getting super curly and her eyes are just stunning! Collins has a HUGE crush on her and just watched her the entire time!! hehe

EJ is one of my best friend's kids. Kristin has been a friend of mine forever and she is the one planning the mystery trip next week that I've talked about in previous blogs! We leave next Wednesday and I am SO excited! A girls trip!! :)

Collins and Eliza Jane have the same bunny. She picked it up immediately!

Sweet K and EJ

Collins' first kiss from a girlfriend!

Oh my goodness! EJ's shoes have her name on them....too cute!

Trying to get a pic of the two of them....impossible! :)

Look at that hair! :)
Love you EJ and Kristin! Thanks for the Starbucks pumpkin drink too!!! :)

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