Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby Schedule and Homemade Food!!

Sometimes I wish I was a baby....#1, I'd love to be held, rocked, and carried around all day. #2, I'd love to not have to worry about a thing other than my diaper and when I'm going to eat. And #3, I'd love to be able to sleep whenever I want!!
Holding his empty bottle trying to get more out!!

Could you smile any bigger?

Play time!

He loves to play in his playpen and watch me in the kitchen!

Oh my cheeks!

Bath time is the best!

We were on such a wonderful sleeping pattern until this week. He normally sleeps for about 11 hours, takes 2 long naps, and we would both be SO happy. Well, the past couple of days have been short of naps. What's the prob? These little white things surfacing in his mouth and a runny nose. He isn't an unhappy baby, he just won't sleep. I've never had to wipe his nose until this week and I'm so thankful he's been so healthy! Are runny noses caused from teething or is it an allergy? My allergies have been acting up, so maybe he's allergic to the same things? He hasn't been rubbing his ears yet and this is good. I just hate seeing him so out of sorts...he doesn't know what to make of it and I feel so bad for him! My Mom said that I'll be a wreck when he is really true.

Besides all of this, he truly is on an awesome schedule and I have Dr. Warner to thank for this. Collins' pediatrician's twin boys are a week older than Collins and so I ask him every time, "What do you do for this...for that...." and he tells me all of it. So, we are on the twins' schedule and it's working like a charm! Oh, and we are done nursing due to two little teeth.  Last week Collins bit down and I about bit my tongue in the process. I thought, "Well, this won't happen was a mistake...." The next morning I screamed so loud it scared him and he bit down even harder. I was hurting for the next hour and got emotional wondering if I was really done nursing. It's our quiet time together and I love how he cuddles with me. It really has been special! So, after talking to Trent and my Mom and them both reassuring me it's ok to stop and that I should feel good because I did it for so long....we are done. It's bittersweet.

Here's the schedule that Dr. Warner's been great!

8:00-8:40 wake-up bottle and mommy/baby cuddle time in bed

8:40-10:30 play, read, sing, know the normal (maybe a bath!)

10:30-10:45 fruit or veggie and oatmeal....I know the veggies sound nasty, but we had to do each of them for 3 days straight to check for allergies

10:45-12:00 morning nap (he falls asleep immediately after eating!)

12:00-12:20 bottle

12:20-3:00 play, read, do whatever mommy is doing!

3:00-4:00 afternoon nap

4:00-4:20 bottle

4:20-6:30 play and daddy time!

6:30-6:45 fruit and veggie

6:45-8:00 play and wind down, cuddle time

8:00-8:20 bedtime bottle

8:20pm-8am one sleepy baby!

I decided to push myself and do something fun, inexpensive, and healthy!! I made Collins' baby food! I just started with peas, but it was so simple! I finally put the Magic Bullet to work.....ha! All I did was empty two frozen bags of peas into a boiling pot of water...let them cook....put them in the Magic Bullet with one spoonful of water....and wa-la! We have baby food and he loved it!

Love these little Baby Blocks. They have a tight suction and keep the food  fresh! I got them from Babies R Us.

We had to try them! Yum! He now opens his mouth just waiting for the food! I can't put the sweet potatoes in his mouth fast enough!

PS: New onesie design for Callaway! Have fun wearing this while you tear into your first little cupcake! xo Happy First Birthday!

PPS: I've mentioned this before, but running has really taken over my days! I look forward to the off days so I can rest my muscles and not have to wear a sports bra! hehe Sis and I ran 7 miles downtown last Saturday and we did it in 76:44 minutes!  It's a 10:57 pace and we normally keep between a 9 and 10 minute pace...but I was so nervous. We started out really slow and my goal was just to finish without walking! And we did! :) This weekend we continue 7 miles again....thank goodness!


  1. Awe!!! Thanks Maegan. She'll be wearing it Saturday to eat her cake. I think she's going to LOVE it!!!

    By the way, the runny nose is teething!! Nasty side-effect. There can be different ones but that's the most common. And watch for that ear tug because every time my kids get a runny nose, for whatever reason, they get ear infections. And the not sleeping well is because of that. I try to give Callaway Tylenol right before bed to try to help her through the night.

    OH...and something I just learned recently...babies can't have allergies like seasonal allergies. They can be allergic to food, medicine, dogs, cats, etc. but not like seasonal outside stuff until age 2. I didn't know that but our pediatrician told me a few months ago...interesting!

    Good luck with the teeth!

  2. Thanks Sara for all of the tips!!!!! :) I hope this weekend is just wonderful!!! xoxox I know you'll be hang in there! :)You are a GREAT mommy!