Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Time Fun!

 We've been really busy the last few days and I love it! :) In the middle of it all I have a unpacked a few more boxes. Maybe have 5 left? We are SO close! :)

Playdate with Harper and her sweet mommy, Megan!
Harper always shares her puffs with Collins :)

Playdate with Gabriella, Eliza Jane, Lucie, and their sweet mommies! Gabriella's mommy wanted to get the two big girls together for a play date since they're about the same age!! They are too cute!
Sweet 2 year olds!
Wild, but sweet 17 month old!

Fun at home!
loves to clean.....

loves to put his head on Lucie!

loves to take his diaper off before he sleeps! What?!?!?!
Farmer's Market!
Sara and I found some pretty flowers! 15 for $5!

$5 boy shorts! :) 
Jay and Lindsay came to visit!!

Collins chasing the golf balls! 
Happy Weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to School Supplies

Back to school supplies have always meant so much to me. For years it meant I'd get to meet my new teacher, start a new year, and make new friends. They meant I'd get to learn cursive, how to complete a long division problem, and my favorite...make artwork for my family.

Then, when I grew up :), school supplies meant it was time to meet my very own class full of kids and love on them with all my heart. I loved watching the kiddos set up their desks every year. The joy in their faces made me one happy teacher. School supplies were part of my true passion.

Now, school supplies make me have a yucky feeling in my tummy. I always get teary eyed walking through the aisles missing my job and the kids that made quite a difference in my life! This may not be normal, but it's what I struggle with! Trent and I were unpacking the final boxes last week and one of my teacher bins had broken during the move. I grabbed another bin to transfer the items and tears started falling. Trent knew exactly. I thought I was doing better! :(

So, today I am making a promise to myself. Next time I see those bright yellow boxes of crayons, I am going to remember that I am still a teacher at heart. I'm going to realize that I'm a stay at home mom now and that's ok to say! I have an identity, I have my own little student, and I am smart. I'm thankful for my new job and I will live vicariously through my sweet friends who do teach. They are the best and I am so thankful that we've kept the friendships we have and SO thankful that they let me help out in their classrooms. xo

What do school supplies mean to you??

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Spent a little part of the day looking back at old pics and it made me so happy! xoxo I knew there was a reason why I've taken SO many! {most of these are 2 months-6 months}

Don't you love remembering all of the **sweet** moments?!?!?


Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

Super busy these days, but don't want to get too far behind! Here's a little bit of everything the last couple weeks! xo Boy, are we ever in LOVE with our baby!

{Quick Facts- 17 months}
LOVES cars and anything with wheels
Says the word CAR all the time :)
Almost running!
4 eye teeth coming in all at once
Loves to find his bellybutton and mommy's bellybutton!
Still loves to be outside!
So good with his hands...he can piece little toys together, stack blocks, and work on puzzles
Hides or runs to anyone but me when I say, "Time to go night night!"
Tried to stand on his rocking horse and he loves jumping off his Collins chair {wild boy}
Loves steak, pork, chicken, cheese, watermelon, cheerios, goldfish, milk...veggies are still in the form of baby food....
Makes the cutest "ooohhhhh" sounds when something looks yummy or cool
Gives kisses and it makes me melt!!

{Fourth of July}

Trent's idea....

my momma's cute dessert

{5th Anniversary}

ADORE my little family xoxo

{Anything and Everything}

teaching Harper everything he knows :)

kisses for Collins!

Mommy tried to get a pic!

oh my mess!

he only does this when you're trying to rest :)

loves finding his bellybutton!

one of the many pics we sent to Trent when he this one!

Gabriella & Collins xo

wishes he had a girly hat :)

Collins' early 18 month gift from BeeBee   {thank you!}


PB & J sticky face
I'll post pics of the house soon! :) The plumber is coming soon to hook up the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, dishwasher, and water line to the fridge! Wahoo!!!

PS: I want to make this!! It's an old cheese tray!
Enjoy your day and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to two of the most loving, giving, and unselfish people I know! Love you Mom and Dad!!