Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The fam is about to come over and I have a little bit of time to blog! We always celebrate with a pot of chili and have a good time watching all of the little Halloweeners. Collins is going to be a DePauw tiger and so Trent and I are going to wear DePauw gear! Halloween is one of my favorites....but when it's Thanksgiving, it's my favorite...and the same for I'm just a lover of holidays I guess. :) Collins' birthday will definitely hit the top of the list and today I realized his nine month bday is just around the corner! :) Hmmm...any ideas for his 9 mo. party?

So, I haven't blogged in over a week and there are SO many reasons. No excuses right? Haha But, honestly I told myself that when Trent is home and not traveling...I am going to spend every minute with him. So, the days have gotten away from me and he's back to traveling again this week. :( I miss him so much, but I know the Lord is answering every prayer of ours in His most incredible way. It's making us even stronger as a couple, this new job is helping to cover my 'missing' income, and he LOVES the challenge. When he's away it forces us to talk for a long time. We will talk (haha) when he's home, but it's different when you're on the phone with someone miles away. You really really ask's just different. I don't want to get used to him traveling, but I think it's going to be this way for awhile. If you pray, please lift up our little family in prayer...for safety, for patience, for comfort when he's gone, and for safe travels for Trenty. I'm so thankful that God has given him this opportunity to make a difference at Toyota! He's an incredible leader.

What have we been up to? Tons!! :) Enjoy the pics!

LoVe the hand on Trent's face!

The child loves the laundry room?!?

We went to Meg and B's to play with Harper. Collins loves Brian!

This picture is worth a thousand date with K and Eliza Jane!

My life has changed so much!

Collins' favorite and my niece, Kennedi, came in town! :)

We went to a UK football game! They actually won!! :)

Collins eats 'MumMums'. He chows them down!

Collins had another play date with Ann and her boys!

UK basketball game! We had a blast together!

New shoes!!!

Added the cork board addition to my kitchen...hehe Just covered cork boards with old fabric!

Holidaze at the Marriott! Central Baptist put this event on! There was shopping, wonderful speakers, and we learned a lot about women's health! We even got to see some of mom's doctors!

And last, but not least, Kelly's Kids!!! I am taking orders until Wednesday to help raise money for . Proceeds will help out the beautiful children of Ethiopia. If you'd like to place an order, contact me at I am donating 15% to the cause!!!
Happy Halloween to all!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How old am I?

Life goes fast whether you want it to or not! And, when you're having fun, it flies by. It should be the other way around. Why get punished with wrinkles because you're having fun? hehe 29. It's a number. I used to think the 50's were old, until my parents got there. Now, it's not old at all. So, 29? It's 'up' there, but 30 is still a whole year away. :)

Thank you to everyone for your Facebook messages, texts, phone calls, and cards. I was overwhelmed by the birthday love and appreciated everything so much! Thank you for being so sweet!

There were a couple things that I got for my birthday that I want to share. One, because I think you'd enjoy them too for your families or home and two, because they are special!

First, the Pottery Barn Thanksgiving and Christmas advent calendars from my mom and dad. Yes, I asked for these!!! I LOVE decorating and now that Collins is born, I want to start family traditions that will stick with us forever. So, when I saw these, I melted. :) 

The Thanksgiving "Give Thanks" tree is too cute. It has leaf pockets for 'thankful for' messages. It even came with the thankful cards. Trent and I are still figuring out how we want to use it every year and we don't have much time! Any ideas?

The advent Christmas banner is HUGE!!! We are thinking of hanging it on the wall where our stairs split. We have pictures hanging there now, but can totally take them down for this banner. We were thinking that each of us would have every third number (Collins, Trent, Me) and we would fill it with notes for eachother, little goodies, etc. So, Collins would have day 1 and we would write him a love note. :) On his next day, day 4, we'd maybe put a little chewy toy in there or whatever. The pockets are HUGE! Oh, and it jingles!!
Sorry the pics are blurry!

And second, my sister and Trenty got me these really sweet bracelets. MB saw them in Rhode Island when she was there for business and Trent got me the 'C' and 'love' charms at Kolors. They both mean so much to me because one symbolizes, "The Path of Life" and the other is about my sweet baby. :)

A pic of my family from my birthday. :)
Yes, our baby has no pants on. :) Easier for crawling!!

I just know your family has cute traditions and I'm hoping to find some more! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Susan G. Komen Race Day!

Well, out of the 18 or so friends that were of us raced. :) hehe We are a focused team of walkers and talkers, so running is just out of the question. ha!

What a beautiful, chilly day it was! There were pink ponytails, pink mustaches (!!), pink eyelashes, pink anything and everything. Our team name is P.I.N.K. It stands for Partners IN Kneeling. My sister and I came up with this team name the first year (2007) and it still stands strong. We are partners in prayer, because we know that nothing is impossible for our Lord.

While I know it's hard for my Mom to relive the tough moments of her cancer, I think she felt the abundance of love and support that was radiating around her. These friends have been there for her through it all and when I mean it 'all', there's a lot when it comes to cancer. I remember the friend that shaved mom's hair, the friend that sent Mom a card EVERY day from the beginning of her cancer to the end, and the friend that didn't let go of me when we found out mom's cancer had moved to her brain. I love each one of them dearly and will never be able to thank each of them enough. I am forever grateful and I know my dad, sis, and mom would say the same! Our extended family is pretty incredible as well, but no one lives in town. :) One year I'm going to work hard on getting everyone here!

Mom, we love you to the moon and back and are so proud of who you've become since cancer. Your light shines and I just know you gave hope to the women and men at the race who are fighting this battle today. You amaze us every day. We don't take any day or year for granted!

Enjoy the pics! If you'd like to join us next year, we'd love to have you!

Decorated for BeeBee!


The runner!! yay Brian!

Matthew and MB

The sweet Seevers Fam

love u daddy xo incredible husband and best friend

Rachel and her pink lemonade :)

YAY BeeBee!!

The sweetest

Mom's GREAT friends!! Denise, Ann, Theresa, and Kathy

:) I love my  BeeBee!

We're always here for you Mom!

Part of the team!!!!
I'll post about my birthday later :).

Friday, October 14, 2011

8 Month Party and Pics!

Before we jump into the party pics, I want to first say how excited I am for this weekend. Not for my birthday...but for the Susan G. Komen race. It's a celebration of life and we are all so thankful that Mom is healthy and feeling great. Melisa-Beth and I have raised over $2,000 for the cause this year and just hope that this brings hope to many families out there praying for a cure. When I look back on the past four years, I am thankful for how close my family has grown and how strong my faith has become. I can't say I'm thankful for the cancer, but I'm thankful for the gifts that have come from it. My Mom continues to help others that are struggling with cancer and I just know they appreciate her sweet heart so much. Love you Mom!

So, my baby turned 8 months on the 9th and this saddens me greatly! When I hold him he just seems SO big and I can't help but wish for him to stop growing. He is wearing 12-18 month clothes and weighs 21 pounds. I am proud of every roll and every dimple in his cheeks! He is a healthy growing boy and tall like his Daddy. :) He is crawling everywhere and trying SO hard to pull up on everything. He's bumped his head a couple times on different things, because he is a wild man! I get out the frozen peas and he just wants to eat them. :) hehe

Enjoy the pics of his party! It was themed around him crawling and it being everything was creepy and crawly!

One happy 8 month old!

Still only 2 teeth!

He loves to think he's a big boy!

Dirt cups with 'creepy crawlers'!!

Wanting every bite!

Well, ok....just a lick!

Not sure here...he got the why so upset?!?

Hehe...I love creating games that everyone has to play!! The person that got the most creepy crawlers out of the stew won! Mom won!

Eyes closed!
I guess I'll play!!

The object of this game was to sort the creepy crawlers in 30 seconds. Aunt Sis did it!
Good try Matthew!

One sleepy baby!
 Here are Collins' 8 month pics! :) It's getting harder each time. Mary....will you take pics with no charge?!? hehe

Talking to Momma.

The half smile that my Mom has! But, her half smile is more attractive than this!! hehe

There's that smile I love!

Collins, I'm sorry I blew this up.

Busy Body!

All over the place!

Momma, pick me up!!

Love those lashes!


Chubby cheeks profile.

 Have a good weekend friends and family! :)