Saturday, April 28, 2012

Update on My Momma

MIA...that's me. :)

If you want to find me, I'm at my parent's house and I'm SO happy to be here. Trent's been gone during the week, so Collins and I moved out to the country! :) We did come home for the weekend, but maybe I'll be back! My family is so close and I love when we're all together.

I know a lot of you have been wondering what the family health issues have been. Four and a half years ago, my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She fought it hard. Boy, did we all pray she'd come through this battle with flying colors. And, she did!

I have a strong Mom. Looking at her four years ago you would have never known she had breast cancer. Her wig was beautiful, her smile was still that cute half smile she does, and her heart was still joyful. The Lord blessed her and us with this trial. She has been a light to SO many and has helped many women go through the same walk.

So, about a month ago we found out the breast cancer was back....but it was a totally different type of cancer. We couldn't believe that mom's body created another type of cancer! We were mad. We were upset. We were sad. After a night of sleeping on it, we knew the good Lord had changed our hearts and we were ready to do whatever we needed to do to be there for mom. Mom had a totally different attitude about it all too and she was ready to fight this yucky cancer once again. We knew it was all in God's hands from here.

The doctors got mom in for surgery within a couple of weeks to remove the cancer. During surgery they found a sentinel lymph node in her armpit. The surgeon removed it for precautionary methods and sent it to the lab for screenings. Within a few days we found out that the node was not harboring ANY type of cancer and mom was clear again!!! PRAISE THE LORD!! Oh glorious day!! <---- Love that song...have you heard???

Mom is recovering well and my sweet grandparents are here to help too. We are so thankful for their help and love. Mom looks great and is busy on facebook on her phone. :) Things are getting back to normal. :)

Thank you for all your prayers, concerns, sweet flowers, and cards. I have said it before, but I truly am blessed with dear friends and family. xo

PS: Can you pray for one more thing? Will you pray for me to feel God's guidance in my life right now and surrender to his decision making?!? I haven't told a soul yet other than my family, because I've been lifting it all up to the Lord. Trent and I are feeling a push to move. We love our home, our neighbors, the memories we've made, the school district we're in....but one thing has been on our hearts. A yard. A yard to just run in! Are these weird emotions? Our home's backyard is our neighbor's side of her home. We've talked until we turn blue in the face and until I end up in tears. I feel a pull, but I feel upset all at the same time. I guess I just want this future house to feel like a 'home' for Collins. We've done so much to our current home to make it feel warm and I guess I just feel like I can't do it again. Trent fell in love with a 23 year old home that no one has lived in for 3 years! Hello weeds and cobwebs!! But, we are going for our second visit tomorrow. My mind says," 23 years old??" But, my heart says, "I love it because I see the joy in my husband's face when he sees the backyard." And, here's the scary thing....our home isn't even on the market!! Want to move to Lexington anyone?


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teaching Second Chances

Lectures at my morning bible study (BSF) are normally incredible, but today I couldn't help but apply it to my little one. 

Often I think about trials I've gone through or bad decisions I've made in the past and although I don't want to think about it, I know my sweet little innocent boy will make mistakes too. We've all done it. We're human and sadly tempted by way too much.

I'm constantly praying about finding the right words to say or the right passages to read to him in the future when he does stumble. Passages on forgiveness and releasing guilt. On second chances. Oh, the joys of disciplining....but, isn't it more sweet when it's done with love?

Paul has been a 'character' of the bible that we've studied a lot this year. He persecuted Christians left and right, but yet God gave him a second chance. Paul knew he had a lot to change about his heart, but he did so with a willing attitude. The Holy Spirit moved within him!!

So, today's lesson was on Peter. Another 'character' given a second chance.
Do you know Peter?
Peter walked with Jesus for 3 years and Peter denied the Lord 3 times in fear. He failed his very Lord!

Sometimes we feel like we fail our Lord....and we do.

But, what I must teach Collins is that yes, we will make mistakes. I will give him a second chance. The Lord will give him a second chance. But, we can't take advantage of these second chances. We can't think, "Oh, I'll be forgiven" and sin knowing this. We need to try to do right the first time. :)

Another lesson I learned from today is that God can change ANY heart. Look at Peter and Paul! Wow.

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How do you teach discipline using the bible? Share your thoughts!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

He Nailed it!

Why do I ever question God's intentions or his plans for me?! We are studying James in my bible study group and I could just sit and dwell in these chapters for a lifetime. What has challenged me the most is written so clearly in James chapter 4:

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Instead, you ought to say, "If it is the Lord's will, we will live and do this or do that."  v 14-15
God, through James, has nailed it once again on MY head. Why do I keep thinking that I can plan my tomorrows? He knows exactly what I need and exactly when I need it. I need to not worry about tomorrow! My plans are like mist....fading and gone quicker than they came! Can you think of a time your plans fell through and God's plans turned out even better? I know we all can. I know too that his plans are sometimes meant to teach us a lesson...but he gives us everything we need to get through it.

This week has been a scary one for my family due to health concerns and procedures and I've been nervous, anxious, and have honestly felt every emotion that a human possibly can. But in these moments, God interrupts me. He puts some kind of distraction, road block, or message in my way to force me to refocus on Him and his word and to let me know he's here. A few examples in the last 24 hours....friends wanting to visit for awhile....friends wanting to pray with me....text messages, phonecalls, and hugs when I needed it the most...a sweet lady sharing Psalm 91 with study....Collins being extra cuddly this week and also more time consuming...Trent coming home early to surprise me....the list goes on! :) We don't always realize that these little tid bits are coming from Him, but they are!! I am overwhelmed with His love for me.

So, I'm just so thankful for the good friends and family in my life. Thank you God for being a constant in my life and for always reminding me to refocus on your word. I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know that what "I" want and that what "I" need are pale in comparison to the plans He has already made for me and my dear family. Please keep my family in your prayers as we tackle another earthly problem with heavenly wisdom. Thank you!!

:) Recent pics of my sweetie pie. He's walking about 10 steps now at a time and loves to talk. He sings with me and loooves to be a wild man. Oh, he's the best.

Flipped it over!!

Mooching off of Sara. :)

Lunch date with Aunt Sissy's friends!

Being a good boy...trying to put his shoes back on!! :)

Likes straws, but doesn't understand them!

When he's naked, he grabs his belly and twists...too funny!

Who did this?!

:) Sportin' Miami gear for Aunt Sissy

If my cheeks weren't so big, I may be able to squeeze through...hmmm...

Collins and cuzzie, Kennedi!

Beautiful Kennedi

Such a great helper! Wish she lived closer!

Thanks Uncle Aaron for smiling. :)
I will post pics soon of my best friend Kristin's beautiful new baby, Lucie Vera! She's precious...took my breath away.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Work Road Trip!

Off to Nashville we went this packed car full of baby treats and goodies, work bags, and my little family. We were actually headed to Mississippi for Trent's work, but that got switched around on the way down there! Luckily, we weren't too far along in the trip!

Without a car in Nashville is actually pretty doable. There was a shuttle from the hotel to the Opryland Hotel (which you could spend days there just walking around) and then from there it's only a 5 minute walk on a gorgeous path to the Opry Mills outlets! 1.8 miles of shopping heaven! Trent met us wherever we were when he got off work and we had fun exploring Nashville!

The city is just beautiful. I couldn't help but tear up looking at pictures of the all-too-recent Nashville flood. the Opryland Hotel was under 6 ft of water and most of the city was demolished. We drove along the river one night and our hearts just broke at the homes still being rebuilt and even torn down. On a positive note, there are new beautiful homes also being built and most of Nashville is put back together. It's a part of their history and something they'll never forget....I bet a lot of good came out of this!

Then....the flood at the Opryland Hotel
6 feet of water


It's just gorgeous!! Lots to do, eat, and shop!!

:) So thrilled!
Going out to eat on business trips is funny! Trent gets a certain amount for each meal for himself, so when the bill's confusing. They bring one bill and Trent has to explain that we need it split up. The waiters look at us like, "You're not paying for her meal or her child's?" ha

The Aquarium Restaurant!!

They said the fish were brought in from all over the world! There were sharks too!!

My meal! Asian crusted white fish!  Mmmm....

Love the seahorses!
At the Rainforest Cafe! Collins loved the show every 30 minutes! The lights dimmed and the animals went crazy!

 Shopping at Opry Mills Mall! No, I didn't get the boots, but how cute are they?!?!?

LEGO WORLD!! I know one little boy who will love this store someday!

Worn out!!

Heading home soon and looking forward to having a car again...hehe :)

 It's almost the weekend! Yay!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Family Easter!

Our church had the most beautiful Good Friday and Easter Sunday church services. The music, the message, the warmth you feel being surrounded by those that love the same Jesus. It's so comforting being there. Our church was SO full on Sunday and I loved it. I didn't mind being squeezed inbetween my family. :)

Enjoy the pics from Easter weekend! There are a lot! {I could have posted more...ha!}

Bunny Food!! **used recipe from Pinterest!

For my flower girl buddies and Collins' neighbor friend, Davis!

For the was gone by Sunday night!
Oh my!! What a great idea once AGAIN found on Pinterest! Dying eggs has never smelled so delicious!

LOVE so much about this pic! Trent's head popping in on the side, Collins' serious face, and sissy's glasses that are always on her...whether on her head or around her neck! hehe

Can you guess which one is Trent's?

Lunch/Breakfast buffet at the Marriott


My mom found these FANTASTIC long sleeved bibs for our messy eater.

GranPaul and Collins going on a stroll...this child will only sit still for so long.....oh, and no walking yet, but we are close!
Happy Easter! :)

Finding Easter eggs! See any? Next year, I'll be a little more creative!

YAY!! "You mean to tell me there are treats in every egg?"

Love. Those. Legs.

What did we do before Collins?

Easter bunny goodies! That little 27 cent bouncing chick is his favorite!

My mom ordered this last year for Collins and I just think it's the cutest!

Thanks Aunt Sis, BeeBee, and GranPaul for being the bunny's helpers!


I can hear the laughter xo

"How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" ( Romans 10:14-15 )

I pray that Collins' feet will move helping others...sharing God's promises....and being an example for others.

Hope you had a beautiful Easter!