Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Linking up again with Blissfully Burton  and her too cute blog! I am SO excited for her baby shower next week! :) Little Harper comes so soon! I am thankful that she's had a GREAT pregnancy!

 What else am I thankful for? Oh-so-much!!

My girls trip next week to Orlando! :) I'll blog on the 'idea'  of this trip later. So sweet and I can't wait to go with my best friends! xo

My sweet mom who bought Collins his adorable winter coat! Even though this might not be a big deal to some, it's a HUGE deal to me! Trying to be budget friendly and Mom helped us SO much!

Family time. I made dinner last night for those of us that were in town. :) Everyone travels so much! I love sitting around the table with my family. I can't wait to do this with my little family of 4,5,6...someday. :)

And SO very thankful for my little guy. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a  new month and I am already SO proud of him. Collins is 7 months old!!


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  1. thanks for playing again this week!!

    4,5,6?!?! hahaha :)

    Love your thankfuls!