Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Collins' Four Month Photoshoot

Yes, these are about two weeks late, but that's ok! Better late then never, eh? When I took the pics on the 9th, I made sure to capture his new favorite thing...his cute little toes. :) Just hysterical!

His little tongue is always at work. :)

I rolled to my side at 4 months! Now, at 4.5 months I can roll all the way over!!!!

Saying, GOO!

Love this one!

Look at that arm definition! xo

Such a big boy!

My laundry room is one my favorite rooms (crazy I know), because I have monthly 8x10 pics of Collins on the wall. So far there are four and I love looking to see how he's changed over the months. I'm going to take these pics up to 12 months. It's hard to imagine he was so little at 1 month! His eyes have changed the most. They were very small when he was born and now they take up a fourth of his little face. His eyes already know how to get everything he wants. :) The question is, what am I going to do when I have more kids and need a place for their monthly pics? Well, I have no answer. Do you have a good idea? My laundry room is not that big and of course my entire house if packed with pictures already. Pizza and pictures...two of my faves. :)

Laundry room exhibit. :) Makes doing laundry WAY more fun!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

PS: My 40 minute run was awful yesterday. I feel somewhat defeated and am praying for strength and confidence to get through the 6.2 mile run on Monday. Sis and I ran 5 miles on Sunday (52.04 min.) and I am sooo tired. That's not even a very fast pace! I worry about my sis. She's the running pro and I hate for her to have to go at a slower pace just for me. She says she's not running for a time and I hope she's being truthful!!! I can honestly say that I couldn't do it without her and I mean that! She motivates me the entire way, holds my Gatorade, and even when she's tired and out of breath, she still finds the strength the talk me through it. I thank God all the time for my sister, but man have I ever been thanking him lately! She's just oh-so-wonderful! Thank you sis for believing in me the past 10 weeks. I went from not being able to run 2 times around the track to now being able to run 20! My old jeans fit now and I have YOU to thank! I love you! xo

Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh My Pizza!


I'm in love. Usually the posts have anything and everything to do with my sweet Collins, but today...it's about PIZZA!

For those of you that know me really well...you know I'm a huge fan of pizza. I was spoiled in college with Marvins, the best pizza establishment in the world! I think I almost ate it every day!

From the day they started construction on Jet's, I've been patiently waiting. They started hiring, they started decorating the windows, they parked the advertising car outside...I knew the opening day was coming soon! Finally, the day came....and we were leaving for vacay on that day! I couldn't believe it. I guess I do have Jet's to thank, because leaving vacay was a little easier....not much....but a little.

So, yesterday was the day! My sister and I had to run 5 miles to stick to our training program and the thought of that pizza got me through the aches and pains. Matthew picked us up downtown (too tired to drive!) and we ordered pizza to take out to Mom and Dad's!

It was thick, scrumptious, crunchy, cheesy, greasy, and all of the above. The PERFECT pizza. I may have added all of the calories that I lost back on, but it was worth every bite.

Go try Jet's Pizza! It's on Harrodsburg Rd. right next to Rincon and the old Murrays. :) Enjoy!

             Oh my.....
  Okay, one thing about Collins. :) He LOVES eating his toes. They finally reach to his mouth and he chews on them! I'll post pics of the trip once I get all of them organized from all of the different cameras! Here's a preview...


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Windy City...Brrrrr!

 I can honestly say I was not prepared 'clothes wise' for the trip to Chicago!! I didn't check the weather (silly me) and just assumed that since it was June, it would be warm. I guess now that I have a baby, I need to become the family metorologist. hehe Luckily, Collins could dress in layers and we had blankets on hand!

Chicago was a blast! We stayed at an incredible 'W' hotel (light shows on the elevator!!), went shopping up and down Michigan Avenue, ate mouth watering deep dish pizza, and had Elizabeth's fun wedding on Saturday night! Elizabeth is a good childhood friend of mine and we grew up neighbors for almost 18 years. I moved into the house when I was three and my parents didn't move until I was 21! We've recently reconnected and it's been great catching up!

We are here!!

Collins wasn't sure of the whistles and cab horns, but he quickly got used to it!

Just SO excited to be out of his carseat!!!

Wow! Modern! Trent was in Heaven!

I like this. :)

So, the lampshade was white until you turned the lamp on. Then, it had a neat design!

Meeting Sheila! Sheila is one of my best friends from DePauw. She lives in Chicago and was SO nice to make the trip to our hotel to see Collins! Miss you She!

xoxo This picture makes me happy.

Always happy!
So much love in this picture!!

The yummiest pizza in the land! So think with cheesy goodness!

Our 3 mile run in the windy city!

The hotel had a running card. It told us where to run on our trek! How neat is that?

Our view while we ran. Much more fun than the neighborhood we train in. hehe

Me and Gummy Bear.

Just love these two to pieces!

Aunt Sis and Collins in the elevator!

Collins got to meet Lindsey! They had fun shopping together!

The four of us at Elizabeth's wedding! She was so beautiful!!
The beautiful table!

Mom and Dad all dressed up. xo

Me and Aunt Sis!
SO good to hang out with  Linds!

Have I ever mentioned how obsessed I am with my little niece Kennedi? Well, I am. She is the most beautiful and intelligent little 5 year old. She blows me away with her spunkiness...she's so fun! She will be headed to Kindergarten in the fall and her principal will be her Papaw. Just the sweetest! I don't think she'll ever end up the principal's office unless it's for candy or a hug. :)
What a sweet little girl!

Too cute!

She doesn't leave his side. She asked me, "Will he ever be old enough to play with me and pick me up?" hehe

We are on vacay this week and loving every minute. :) Trent, Matthew, MB, and I had date night last night in Kiawah and it was a perfect night. Music, crab legs, pina coladas, boats, little kiddos in beachy wear, fun conversation, and love everywhere. Life is just so great. :)