Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gooooo BLUE!

Incredible. That word does not even do the game justice. Once in a lifetime, maybe? My family has season tickets to the U of M games and we (me, Trent, and Melisa-Beth) were the lucky ones that got to go! Dad was traveling and mom wanted to stay back. So, up to MI we went for the Notre Dame v. Michigan game. It started out slllooooowww and I told my Mamie, "This is the 4th game I've been to...and they've lost each time!" Boy, was I wrong! After half time the game quickly turned and then it turned again and then again and again. In the last minutes Notre Dame scored for the lead and in the last 30 seconds Michigan scored for the win!!

Fan Cam
First game under the lights!!!!!

Can you find us? hehe The U of M website let you zoom in on your section to find yourself at the history making game!!
I'm lucky to be a part of the BIG BLUE nation here in Kentucky and man, it sure is awesome in Rupp during a good game. But after attending this game, nothing is like the fans and the noise in the big house during a good game!! We think Rupp needs to pass out pom poms!!! We were part of the largest game attendance in history and it was evident by how many pom poms, neon yellow shirts, and wolverine head gear I saw. A-m-a-z-i-n-g!! When the game was over...no one left!! Everyone was dancing to music and having a party right there in the stadium! It was like nothing I've ever seen. And, it was midnight! We walked back to our tailgate and tailgated some more...because no one was moving and we were blocked in! So fun! My Papa and Mamie were even out way past their bedtime!!

Even better than this game was the chance to hang out with my Michigan family. My cousin Alissa is now a freshman at MI and she was oh-too-cute in her student shirt. I've said it 100 times before, but I love my family. I love being with them and I hate saying goodbye. :) But, we had too...it was 1 am and we had to drive an hour to our hotel..ha.

Before we left! :)

Tailgating Fun! Uncle Bob, Alissa, and Aunt Lisa!

Papa and Trent getting pumped for the game!

The AWESOME tent by our tailgate.


Cousins and grandparents minus Scott. We missed you so much!

It turned out to be a gorgeous day!!

Alissa and my Aunt Lisa (my mom's sister).

Candid photo :)
Pre-game....starting to fill up!

New scoreboards

See that cup?? We brought them home!! I'm sure Trent is thinking....do we need anymore plastic cups?!?! hehe

My Mamie!!

We had such a fun time!

Worked hard for this photo! Love your pom poms MB!

We missed our little Collins SO much! We know Mom and him had the BEST time together. I love that Mom sends me pics every couple of hours! Here's Collins on his own mini vacay!
On a walk with BeeBee!

I was laughing with tears when I saw this one. Mom said he scooted all over the hardwood floor! ha!

Good Morning Sunshine!!

My handsome boy xo

Getting ready with BeeBee!

Thank you Momma for watching him! :) I love you so much! Thank you Mamie and Aunt Lisa for the awesome tailgating food! And, thank you Trent for driving us there and back! XO

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