Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who Me?!

Today it's my turn. I have separation anxiety. I know it's silly, but I am nervous and have weird feelings in my belly about leaving Collins! I know it will all be ok and I need some time with my friends...I just have to leave and then I think I'll feel better. It's the waiting for the flight that is hard....the time to think about being gone!

But don't let me fool you....I am SO excited for this weekend with my girlfriends. These girls have grown up with me and although we don't see one another weekly and even sometimes monthly, we remain close at heart. I can't wait to share with your our adventures! We always find time for humor and we have a lot of catching up to do! So, Florida here we come!! (Is my body ready for a bathing suit?!?!) hehe

This morning was the start of BSF and I am so blessed to be able to stay home and be a part of this. I dropped Collins off in his infant room and he started to get nervous. I left quickly!! He's never been left alone with people and kids he doesn't know! My Mom is the class administrator for BSF, so she was able to go and check on Collins periodically. :) The first time she went back there he wouldn't take his bottle! He was busy playing and watching the kids. I even went back there to try to feed him and he insisted on being put down! The second time Mom went back to check on him he was sitting in a circle with his friends playing. :) I was told Mom checked on him a couple more times, but those could have been in secret. :) The babies got to listen to Christian songs and I heard they were sitting intently watching as the leaders opened up the bible and read. Soooo sweet.

Listen to how neat this is and how AWESOME our God the day Collins was born, there was a sweet lady across the hall having her baby the exact same day. Mom ended up knowing her from BSF and it was so neat that we were all in there the same time! Well, that same Campbell....was there today! In Collins room! I knew she'd be there, but how neat is it that God orchestrated this meeting again! Collins and Campbell could be little buddies forever!

And, my leader. Wow. She is just TOO cute for words and such a sweet, sweet woman. I kept looking at her thinking, "You have three do you look so perfect?!?!' ha Totally not what you are supposed to be thinking, but when you are a Mom you understand how hard it is to get ready when you have a little one or many. :) I am so lucky to have Kristin (my friend planning this trip!!) in my group and her cousin Megan. I look forward to growing in my faith and getting to know these awesome women. I just know we will be a huge support to another as we have babies, plan weddings, go to school, and whatever else life may throw at us! It will be an awesome year.

Well, I'm off and I'm going to be MIA until Monday! Sunday night as soon as I get home I have to run 10 miles!!! AHHHHHHHH


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