Thursday, January 10, 2013

20 weeks and pics of twins! :)

Trent and I saw a high risk specialist yesterday for the twins. I was a little anxious going into the appointment, mainly because I didn't know what it entailed. Turned out, it's just a really long ultrasound with amazingly kind people that truly care about your babies! I was at ease right away.

Amelia and Andrew are in two separate sacks, but they can definitely feel eachother! Amelia would push Andrew and Andrew would wiggle to get away. She would sit on his head and he'd actually take it. I think she is quite aware of being outnumbered by boys. :) hehe

Andrew's feet were BIG! These big 'ol feet reminded me so much of Collins and I couldn't help but have watery eyes thinking about my pregnancy with Collins. Even though our lives right now are so full and blissful with our sweet baby boy, I'd give anything for him to be little again. He's grown so fast and time does not slow down. Seeing Andrew lying there with his sweet little profile reminded me so much of the sweet little profile I admire every day. I just know in my heart he'll be a best bud to Collins. I love my boys and my heart was so happy to find out I had another boy on the way!

Andrew's profile!!!

Amelia is a complete answer to prayer. I wanted Trent to be able to experience a little girl and I'm so thankful for this gift. I'm so thankful to be able to have a best friend in her someday...just like me and my momma. I'm so thankful that Collins and Amelia will have a sister around to teach them about women. :) I'm so thankful that we'll have trucks, cars, bows, and dolls. Like I've said before, my heart is full! She was so beautiful in the ultrasound....her long spine and legs and her cute little fingers that will maybe play piano someday like her momma. :)  (Amelia was a little more jittery....we couldn't get a profile shot)

Her sweet little fist!

Both babies were healthy. Praise God!!! Amelia is an ounce bigger (14 ounces) than Andrew (13 ounces) and both length measurements are about 6.5-7 inches! Andrew has the mansion up high in my belly and Amelia is tucked away really low in my belly ready to be the first one out!

So, we're having twins!! Two babies! The delivery process makes my skin crawl a bit, but I know I'm not alone. xo

Excited for this journey!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Who has more fun? Mom or Collins?!?

I promised Collins that today would be craft day. :) He got so many fun little things to play with and I just couldn't resist opening every single item. ha!

Today, our main focus was on animals and colors of cars! :) We played with car stickers, transportation stamps, and those cute little farm animals that blow up in water. LOVED those as a kid. We have a turtle too, but it takes 10 days to finish it's growth cycle!

Hobby Lobby- $1.49....hours of fun!

Being as patient as he can be!

It's a duck!

LOVE those little fingers at work

:) Could be an all day PJ day!