Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mary Maldonado Photography!!! 6 months!

 How AWESOME is Mary?! She's been a friend of mine since I started teaching and she just recently started a new hobby! She has been given an amazing gift and I hope she has much success with photography! Thanks Mary for capturing these special moments! xo

Hello red hair!! Where did you come from??? hehe

Thanks for checking out his sweet pictures!


  1. What sweet pictures!!! :) I love the outfit choices!

  2. Dying!! Those are THE cutest pictures ever! I love the one of him in front of the wood door shirtless lol that is priceless!! :) So cute and such a photogenic family!!! XO

  3. What wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing!

    Amy F.

  4. Thanks Sara, Amy, and Dana!!
    Dana-I love that one too!! hehe I want to BLOW it up!! :)