Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Little Talks

Just in the past month or so, I really feel like Collins and I talk back and forth to eachother! Even if he isn't making sounds, he sometimes does what I say or he plays little games with me (like put his slobbering binkie in my mouth!). I think he really knows me and that makes me the happiest mom in the world. :)

Collins loves his Daddy. Every day when Trent walks in the door his whole body shakes, he smiles, and if he could reach out...he would. Daddy time is truly play time and he looooveees playing airplane and bouncing on his Daddy's chest. Collins thinks his Daddy is one big play gym!

Between 7:45 and 8 every morning my little monkey wakes up. He plays in the crib until Mommy can find her eyes and then we play this little game that BeeBee started with him. She says, "Where is Collins...Where is Collins...there he is! There he is!" It's his favorite game and he looks for you with the biggest smile on his face. I've been saying, "Where is my baby? Where is my baby? There he is! There he is!" He knows the tune and I tell myself if I keep saying baby....he will stay a baby....I'm in denial that his 7 month birthday is coming up. 

Is my hair long enough to have bed head?
Here are some pics from yesterday. :) He may kill me someday because I posted some of these, but oh well. It's my mommy job to capture every dimple and roll. xo

Nothing cuter than a naked baby. :) Getting ready for bath time!

In the bath again!! All he does is eat, sleep, play, and take baths! :)

My little ducky. xo

Just love the rolls on this one!

This is..."Come on Mom. I'm being a good sport, but you've taken 30 already..."

He LOVES my camera cord. Anything to keep him happy. :)
Totally posing!

Tailgating before the first UK football game of the season!!! GO CATS!

GRRRRrrrrr! I took my pants off and now I'm going to chew on them!

:) You are one beautiful baby. :) Remember that!

Trying to watch TV. Or, he wants some Sassy Jeans?! What are those?

In Sam's Club. BeeBee was talking to my grandmother, Mamie, and he wanted to talk!

LOVES that he can sit up and watch the action! He just wishes he could try the samples...

Watching his puppy, Nala.

The face of an angel. Only God can create something so perfect.

There's Nala!

Have a wonderful LOOOONG weekend with your family and friends. :) Thank you for following my blog! Have you liked my Facebook Page yet?!?!

Oh, and Mom...thank you SO much for making your homemade spaghetti tonight. I appreciate you so much. It will help me get through the 7 miles in the morning! XOXOX


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  1. So cute!! They grow too fast :( I love when they start recognizing familiar songs!