Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thinking about......

 TWINS!!!! We're having twins!!!! Holy Cow.....We're having TWINS!!!!!!!!!

Due May 26th!
We are ALMOST 4 months pregnant!

After we found out!!! :) I'm surprised Trent could hold the camera still to take the pic! 
Well, that's where I've been! These new precious  babies have been consuming my every thought, prayer, and action. We are SO excited, but yet so nervous at the same time!! :)

We found out on October 18th, two days after my 30th birthday....and I just knew my 30th year couldn't get any better! 

I'd give anything to have had a video camera in the ultrasound room when we were told there were two beautiful heartbeats. I started happily crying (very loudly I may add) many emotions, and Trent had silent tears. I grabbed his hand harder than I ever have, asked him if he was ok, and we spent the next 10 minutes in total bliss staring at the two blessings on the ultrasound screen. Wow!

It's been fun for people to ask us how we reacted and the more and more I tell the story, the more I think back to the day we found out I was pregnant with Collins. The joy was just as intense. After 10 months or so of trying for the little guy, we were drained, exhausted, at eachother's throats at times....we just wanted a baby so bad. Ten months may not seem long in the grand scheme of things, but for us it seemed like eternity. So, when little Collins was spotted on the ultrasound screen we cried happy tears, held hands, and stared at that screen just thanking God for this little blessing.

So, wow! Two more little Waltz babies to love on and I cannot wait to have my own little school at my kitchen table. :) No, I'm not homeschooling .....ha!

Please pray for the little ones to grow at the same rate. Three weeks ago they both measured at 2 1/2 inches and everything checked out fine. Their heartbeats were steady and my little Baby A was a wild one. Baby B was woken up by the technician and he/she just rolled over gently...somehow not startled by the kicking and punching of Baby A. :)

Baby B....this one has Collins' belly!

Baby, look at the length of those legs....

Both babies! One's head is by one's foot and vice versa. :) 

We find out next week if they are BOYS, GIRLS, or both! :) I cannot wait. I think this is attributing to the little sleep I'm getting! 

My sweet family below! Priceless reactions....shock, tears, screaming, disbelief, excitement, and so much more!

We called Trent's family ASAP and they were so sweet. Trent's mom called back about 5 minutes later to hear the story again. :) When we saw Kennedi last week she made my heart so happy. She said, "I'll take care of Collins." As a mommy who adores their first child SO much, that's your biggest prayer for them....that they still get attention and lots of love!!

Mom had to run to the door for better light! She could not believe it! Her mouth was open for quite some time! :)

Aunt Sissy screamed and screamed. She says she willed it on me, because she wants twins too! :)

Dad cried happy tears and could not believe it! :)

Big brother kissing his little sisters/brothers!
Follow us on our new journey!

Love One Excited Mommy,