Tuesday, September 6, 2011


 Saturday night I wanted to get out of the house and do something fun. And, we wanted to do whatever we were going to do...with Collins! Growing up my mom and dad used to take us to the drive-in to see movies. Mom said she used to stuff pillows under us so we could see if we sat in the car! What I remember was the gravel sounds, the larger than life movie screen, and the feeling of being able to do whatever you wanted while watching a movie! You could lay down, take a nap, eat, talk to your family, and even sit outside! So, we packed up snacks, pillows, and blankets and off to the drive-in we went!

We saw the 7:30 showing of  'Smurfs' and it was sorta cute. :) I do like kids movies, but this was a little silly. Cute, but silly. I love that Collins' first movie was the Smurfs as I used to watch them all the time! He spent his 'before' movie time watching the kids around us jump rope, pogo stick jump, and run around. Soon after the movie started it was getting to be his bedtime and whew! It was hot! We took his clothes off of him and laid him on a pillow in the back seat. We had the car partially on, but the lights would turn on...so we just had air blowing. It eventually cooled off, but for a while we were sweatin'!

Trent agreed to stay for the scary movie at 10:00! It was' Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.' Creepy, weird, and hard to believe that Katie Holmes signed on for a movie like this! Trent and I had fun laughing at each other when we'd jump or let out a AHHHH! Collins slept through it all!
So curious!!!

He looked back at us to show us he was having fun!!!

SO into the little kiddos.

Trent got to golf a little this weekend before the rain hit and I have been busy with Kelly's Kids stuff! :)    My 7 miler on Saturday morning didn't go too swell. It was hot and running down Man-O-War is oh-so-boring and looooong! We caught up on DVR shows, watched Big Brother After Dark (OBSESSED),  laid by the pool, and had fun shopping Labor Day sales! Collins was happy that he got to swim with his daddy!
Worn out from the weekend!

Oops! I also made a new design for baby Harper to wear in October! :) She is going to wear it with a black tutu or matching leggings! Too cute! Let me know if you'd like a Halloween onesie! Click here to see how to order!

I hope everyone's Labor Day weekend was terrific. I can't believe it's Tuesday already! We are looking forward to our play date with Eliza Jane in the morning!


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  1. I LOVE the onesie! It is exactly what I had in mind and I'm so glad you could create it!! :) I think I might actually have a pair of newborn purple polka dot leggings! I'll have to check upstairs. :) Thank you! I'll make sure to link your site up once I take a picture of her in it!! :)