Tuesday, September 20, 2011

4 Tuesday Faves

1. This little guy is totally my favorite....every day of the week! 

2. DVR. I would seriously NEVER be able to watch a show if it wasn't for DVR. hehe Trent and I catch up a couple times a week and just hope no one tells us what happened. :) Since being a parent, my schedule has gone out the door. :) It's all for Collins....and I like that.

3. Collins' labels from InchBug came in and I'm super pleased. These can wrap around bottles, sippy cups, or whatever other cylinder shaped object you may have! These are going to be perfect for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) tomorrow! There are a lot of bottles in that infant room!

4. And MOST importantly, I am SO thankful to have my faith. This list below is my new favorite....it will be printed off! 

I have a good 30 or so blogs that I love to follow. Just recently I found this blog and LOVE her! She had found this little blessing on Pinterest and I am so glad I found it! :) Enjoy!

I will post either tomorrow or Thursday about the incredible girl's trip to Florida. I'm waiting to get all of the pics and then I'll post! I am blessed to have such sweet friends and I love how honest, funny, supportive, and silly we all are when we're together. :) XO

Look for the little blessings! Write them down!


  1. Hey girl...loved that blog...I have another two you might like: www.womenlivingwell.org and www.goodmorninggirls.org the lady that runs womenlivingwell also runs goodmorninggirls with another girl...both are awesome!!!!

  2. fun!! did you find those inchbugs things from my blog post about it?!