Monday, September 12, 2011

7 Month Pictures and Partaaay!

 :) Life goes quick. You don't realize that completely until you have children. I've never wished for life to slow down so much until now. I'm so thankful for a healthy growing boy...but just yesterday he was a newborn!

Here are his 7 month pictures from his little photo shoot at home. :) hehe He was fun to capture...but a little difficult. He's a moving baby!

This is what made it more difficult this time around....

Uh oh! I got caught!

This paper used to lay beside him so nicely. :)

My looong baby!

Trying SO hard to crawl!

Playing with his shirt sticker!

LOVE these little hands xo
I have so much fun planning each of Collins' monthly parties! They are usually done at the last minute, because I can't stand to plan for a party of him getting older! :) I know I'll plan early for his 1 year party, but these monthly ones are planned to be last minute! ha!

The theme was 'UP' since Collins is sitting UP now! :) We had 7-up to drink (perfect for 7 months and sitting up!!), WIND chinese for dinner (it goes up!), balloons strung on our chairs (they go up!), and we had upside-down chocolate cake for dessert! Collins tried SO hard to grab a piece of the cake....does this hint towards a messy 1st birthday?


Peas?! Really Mommy?

Happy 7 months!!

Love my boys' faces in this one!

Center of attention :)

hehe :)

PJ time!

LOVED the balloons! He kept pulling on them!

Thanks for checking out Collins' 7 month party pics! He's one special little guy!

PS:Update on the running! And, thank you guys so much for your sweet comments, texts, and calls. We ran 8 miles before Collins' party and we did it in 78 minutes! I've never ran a 9.45 mile. So, we were thrilled and beyond excited!!!! Then, we got to party!!

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  1. loved the party and loved seeing both you guys today! thank you for coming! i'm sure it was hard to get collins there and everything packed up, but i truly appreciate you being there!

    PS- i have a new job for you. come decorate my home!! haha :)