Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lazy Day!

We had a lazy day yesterday and it was SO enjoyable! :) I only did one load of laundry and didn't clean at all. :) When he naps I feel the pressure to get things done...but not today. I enjoyed being a mommy and that was it. :) We slept in, watched Ellen, had fun with BeeBee, and then went to a fun dinner at Saul Good. Mommy didn't cook either! :) Today is super busy...I hope we can adjust to the change! hehe

Naked baby! I love his face here! :)

I love when he talks to me...whether he's happy or frustrated. :)

Collins has gained another nickname! They say the more nicknames you have...the more you are loved! Well, he is SUPER loved! I have started calling him gummy bear. When he opens his mouth all you see is gums! I love this toothless look!

Just some random pics! :)

All snuggled up!

New bunny hat! Ready for Easter!

Daddy and his little boy. XO


PS: Just an update on the bible reading challenge. I've stayed true to my goal and have read two chapters a night. I've started with MARK and have loved reading about how Jesus heals the sick. People were flocking to him and at times it seemed dangerous! As I was reading this I couldn't help but think of how crazy our society has gotten. People flock and run to celebrities and what healing can they give us??? If Jesus was walking around the streets I'd much rather run to him. He's done so much for me!

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  1. love all your collins updates! they grow too fast....i am glad you are enjoying this sweet baby stage!