Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Panther Fan

That he is! We headed to Indy this weekend for Papaw's state tournament game! And...Bloomington South won! Thanks to Mrs. Hulls for the awesome South and IU onesies. I think it's good luck when a 6 week old sports the team's colors and name! I even got a new Bloomington South sweatshirt to wear to the game! (Check out the mommy sack! I've always wanted one of these and they are actually pretty comfortable! Pregnant friends out need one!)
The new sweatshirt!

Collins is ready for the game!

The mommy made carrying him and getting to the game easy!

Before all of this, we drove to Bloomington on Friday night and got to hang out with Grandma and Papaw Waltz. Papaw even took the 4:30-6:00am awake time shift! I'm working hard on getting Collins to sleep during this time, but it's prime awake time for little baby. :)He'll close his eyes, but he won't go into a deep sleep. :)

Collins in his portable bed!

Saturday afternoon we headed to Indy and had fun hanging out at the Embassy Suites with the fam and Kyle! Kyle is a dear friend from DePauw and we love being around him and and wife, Danielle! Kyle, thanks for coming to see bitty baby! Danielle, we missed seeing you and can't wait for you to meet him! :)

Kyle and Collins!

The game was a blast and Bloomington South made it look easy. I believe Trent said that the graduating seniors have won 94 games and lost 5. This is incredible! I can't wait to watch Collins play a sport someday. I'll be his biggest fan!

We drove home early Sunday morning to make it to 10:30 church. I got to sing four of the most beautiful songs. Look up the song HEALER by Kari _______. I can't think of her last name, but please look for it. It's about Jesus being our healer...nothing is impossible with Him. While the song talks about overcoming disease or hard moments, it's very uplifting. I wish I could sing all day every day for Jesus.

After church we headed to Lexmark's family day and enjoyed meeting GranPaul's work buddies. I even got to see an old student of mine. Plus, the cake was delicious!! GranPaul is supposed to see where they ordered it from! :)

Collins is growing more every day. I think he's growing cuter every day too! hehe He was my back seat buddy on the way to Indiana and back. I could watch him for days straight. His facial expressions crack me up and keep me watching for more. :) Look at his smile!

I can't believe March is almost over!


Collins wore this shirt for both grandmas on Friday. He got a picture with BeeBee, but before I could take a pic of him and Grandma Vicki he ruined it with a dirty diaper!


  1. Collins is one well-traveled little baby! I'm so glad he goes on trips well and sleeps well other places! I bet that is a huge blessing! The mommy-sack looks cool and you look great as ever! :)

  2. Its Kari Jobe... LOVE her and that song :) great choice! love the pics, he is so cute!

  3. Meg- He loves the car! It makes it easy for us! Thanks girl-I love you!

    Dana-That's it!! I need her CD. Her songs are beautiful! Thanks for your sweet comments!