Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oatmeal Morning

Our normal morning schedule goes like this...give or take a half an hour here or there...

6:30-7:00am Feeding
7:00-9:00am Sleeping
9:00-9:30am Feeding
9:30-11:00am Awake
11:00-12:00am Sleeping

He doesn't sleep from the 9:30-11:00 time slot and this is normally when I like to shower and get ready, so today I changed MY schedule! I got up at 7 when Trent left for work, got ready, did a load of laundry, made the bed(!!),and even had time to make one of my favorite breakfast foods...peaches and cream oatmeal. And, he was still sleeping! I had time to boil my water and everything!! Yesterday I was in the shower and he was crying and crying and I couldn't get out! It made me panic...maybe I'll get over this...I doubt it. :) However, the new schedule did work great this morning, but it leaves me with a couple hours of less sleep. I'll see how I feel today!

I'm so excited (I'm about to burst!!) about a new 'home improvement' that's about to knock on the door! We bought our house SuperBowl weekend in '07 and had so much fun decorating and getting it ready for move in when we got back from our honeymoon in July '07. So it's been about 4 years that we've owned our home and this 'one thing' is something that has driven me nuts the past four years! Are you ready?! We are getting new BLINDS!!!! The home depot installer guy even said he'd do part of it for free because we have a new baby! He's such an incredibly nice guy. Now, I need to give my hubby some credit. Yes, he was planning on installing them until he saw the discounted price...I know he just wants to spend more time with his little one...was this an excuse?!?! hehe

As a mom of a little boy I was pretty proud of my diaper changing track record. I had only gotten peed on a couple of times until yesterday. I removed the diaper and it was immediate. No time to put the pee-pee tent on or a cloth...it was everywhere. So, as he finished I started cleaning up. Wrong choice! He went again! Two times in one diaper changing and his diaper was even soaked! I laughed and laughed until I realized how much laundry I now had.

The mess...

The dirty baby...

Clean Baby!

Our family headed to the mall yesterday, not realizing how different a trip to the mall would be. First, we didn't know how to get the stroller to open. Second, once we got into Macy's and Dick's we had to search for elevators. Do you know where they are? I do! Third, we have an enormous stroller. I could barely get through the aisles, so Collins and I would just wait for Daddy or be aisles behind. It was an experience! We did run into an old sweet friend so it was worth it all!

Shopping for golf clubs with Daddy...

The elevator challenge!

Just some pics...
One of our fifth graders made Collins the most precious bib!

Such a thoughtful gift. Thank you Russo family!

I know my head is cut out, but I love this picture of him. :)


PS: I love our visitors. We look forward to them every day!

Mrs. Schuster and Collins!

Jena and Collins!

The Willards and Collins!

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