Friday, March 11, 2011

When You Smile...

"When you smile...the whole world stops and stares for a while...cuz you're amazing...just the way you are..." LOVE this song from Bruno Mars and LOVE singing it to my little one. His smile lights up my entire being and makes me feel like he loves me! You are so beautiful to me!

I was told to wait a month to work out...and I literally have. I started today. :( When I was 24, my parents bought me an elliptical for my birthday. I was living at home at this point and saving money before we got married. So, the elliptical is at my parents' home and way too heavy to move. Mom and Dad said they'd start using it and they would buy me another one to have at my house since it couldn't be moved. Yes, I'm so blessed to have such thoughtful parents, but this really means that I need to use it...I have no excuse now. Collins laid on the bed next to me and cheered me on. Believe me it didn't last long. Where did my stomach muscles go? I do not have any.

Collins also started his baby workout in his activity gym. He is too cute! We did about 2 minutes of tummy time and he did an awesome job of holding his little head up. What a strong boy he is! He likes to kick and move his arms a lot!

Collins working out too!

Collins was dressed and ready for the IU game last night. He is such a 'good sport', because I love changing his clothes. I'm worried he won't wear all of his newborn clothes!

This one cracks me up!

Little guy...

We are headed to Bloomington this weekend for Papaw's high school basketball game. They are in regionals and we hope they make it to state in a couple of weeks! They won state two years ago and it was such a fun time! I'm headed to the store here in a bit to pick up his little monogrammed onesie...I'll post pics later! Good luck Bloomington South! Have a terrific weekend!

Love, Maegan


  1. LOVE his IU jersey! He is growing up so quickly! Enjoy all of these precious moments!

  2. Hey Lindy!! I love seeing how beautiful sweet Sonoma is!!! :) Does she have an IU and UK jersey??