Monday, March 21, 2011

Baptism Memories

The weekend couldn't have been better. It was SO wonderful spending time with both of our families...especially together. This summer we will be married 4 years and it's been neat to watch our families grow closer year after year...especially when you add a newborn into the mix! Trent and I are so lucky to have the families that we do and we appreciate all that they did this weekend to make Collins' baptism special. Thank you to Trent's sweet family and to my Papa and Mamie for driving and flying to Lexington. :)

On Friday, Trent, Mamie, Collins and I took a walk in the warm weather! So nice!

Here are a few pics from Collins' special baptism day. I cried happy tears...I knew I would! Collins was a great baby even though the church was 100 degrees. His little back was sweating through his baptismal outfit, so he probably really enjoyed having his head washed. :) He didn't make a peep! I can't wait to tell him all about the day he received God's gift of faith!

Collins wore booties and a sweater made by my grandmother and the white little boy outfit was worn by my cousin Scott at his baptism 19 years ago!

My sweet flower girls, Kyra and Rachel!

After the baptism we headed to the Chop House. Mom had reserved the back room for us and we all had a blast eating, watching basketball games on the big screen, and celebrating Collins' special day. Before we ate, I passed out a special prayer that I wrote for my sweet baby. Attached to it was a picture of Collins resting on the bible and an Easter egg (filled with candy) to represent Collins' new life. :) Thank you sweet family for praying with me and thank you in advance for adding this prayer to your daily life.

Caramandas made the cutest cupcakes! The pretty glitter added the perfect touch!

Where did Kennedi's frosting go? :)

We were overwhelmed by the wonderful gifts and cards on this beautiful day. Thank you to my sweet church and to Pastor Simmerman for making Collins' baptism memorable.

Just some faves....
His change of outfit after the baptism. A gorgeous smock made by my mom's friend Sarah.

GAP baby. :)

GranPaul and Collins time. xo


PS: Tomorrow I have my six weeks check-up! When they scheduled this date for me in the hospital it seemed so far away...time flies when you're having fun. :)


  1. Hey! You look great! That was neat to read about the baptism! At my church we do "Baby Dedication" where the parents promise to lead their child in the ways of the Lord, so it sounds similar! :) Hope to see you soon! Collins already looks different!

  2. What a special time! It is so sweet reading your precious thoughts and knowing they will be memories for a lifetime. Each time I visit your blog it is so uplifting. What a lucky little boy Collins is to have you!

  3. Yes it does!!! Cherish every second!!! Love you. And HE is such a doll baby.

  4. Meg-Thank you!!!! Every day he looks different!!! He said he wants to see you again! Can we come see you??

    Patrice- You are the sweetest. Thank you!!

    Anessa- Thank you!!! See you Thursday. I'm going to stop in to see the kiddos. :)