Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seeing Purple!

Yay! What a great weekend!

Papaw's regional basketball tournament was this weekend, so we headed up on Friday night. We thought it would be easier to get the driving out of the way so that we could all sleep in and not mess up Collins' schedule. The three of us stayed at a hotel close to the gym and Collins enjoyed his first hotel experience! He got to sleep in a big boy bed all by himself!

The car ride! All bundled up and ready for the road trip!

Collins' first hotel experience!

Daddy and Collins cuddling up!

We woke up Saturday morning and couldn't wait to get to the game! Collins wore a special shirt for Papaw and couldn't wait to show him! Papaw was very surprised and couldn't wait to show Collins to all of his basketball buddies.

Yes, I cut my hair! It's SO much easier with a one month old!

Papaw's team won regionals and they are in the Final Four! Collins stayed awake for the most part to cheer them on and he loved being held by his sweet cousins Kennedi and Dylan! The weekend was such a blast and so easy with Collins. He is such a calm baby. He slept the whole way there and back home, he didn't cry one time, and he loved the lights and sounds at the game. I was worried it would be too noisy for him, but it didn't seem to bother him. Does anything? :)

Kennedi LOVES holding him and being a little mom. She loves changing his clothes and making sure he doesn't have any spit up on him. :)

Dylan and Collins!

Back for the second game. PJ time!

I love my Aunt Erin!

Collins also met the Remak family and many other good family friends. I didn't get pictures of everyone...I wish I did! Trent grew up playing basketball with the sons of these sweet families and they've stayed in touch since then. It's always fun when all the boys get back together again whether it's bachelor parties, weddings, or quick weekend trips.

Mr. and Mrs. Remak meeting Collins! This beautiful couple also threw Trent and I a wedding shower in Bloomington when we got engaged. They are such sweet friends!

Sunday was a special day also! Trent and I met with our pastor to finalize Collins' baptism day! It's going to be this weekend and I tear up just thinking about it! We are so excited to know that Collins' will be promised God's amazing grace through Jesus! Collins will begin his relationship with God through Christ with the help of his family and friends. I am so excited that my little baby will be promised eternal life in Heaven. This may top delivery day! We have lots of family coming into town and I just know it's going to be a super special day full of love and many blessings!

Just a fave...out to lunch with my mom and sis. "Do I have to go to lunch with the girls again?!"

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love your haircut! :) I am SO looking forward to the day (hopefully soon) when I get to hold and squeeze your sweet little boy!

  2. Love the last picture lol too cute!!! He is precious! :)

  3. love the last little picture of collins covering his eyes like.... not again!?!?! too cute!

  4. Look how precious he is! Getting so big! When are you going to bring him back to the office?! xo

  5. Thanks guys!!! He is getting big!!

    Kari-I can't wait to see you!! We are going to Chicago for a wedding in June!! Maybe we can see you!

    Dana-Thanks girl!! Thanks for following the blog! Maybe we'll run into you here in town!!

    Sara- so funny!! I love the little faces and gestures that he makes! I bet you have lots of funny, but cute pics!

    Allison- Aw, you are so sweet! I'm so glad you guys all got to meet him! He thought you were all very pretty. :) hehe