Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beautiful Day!

It's gorgeous outside and wonderful inside! Our home is just radiating with love, hugs, and kisses for Collins. God has made such a beautiful world! Collins woke up a little early for a feeding this morning, but I was glad. The sun was coming up and my little one's eyes were so big and awake! He must be excited for spring too!

Collins is growing and it's neat to see the changes every day. His little legs are chunking up and his funny personality is coming through. He loves to play this little game where he sticks his fingers in my mouth, pulls them out, and puts them back in. When he is supposed to be napping he also pulls out his binkie and waits for me to come and save him. I put his binkie back in and he takes it out again. I swear he knows what he is doing!

Here are a couple of my favorite pics. The booties and cream colored blanket were made by my Uhr-Mamie (mom's mom). They are so special to us! The colored blanket was made by a student and the hospital shirt was given to us by Dr. Hill. Of course Mommy took pics of me sporting the items!

My soft homemade booties made by my Uhr-Mamie!

I love my hands :)

My beautiful handmade blankie made by my Uhr-Mamie. I love it!

My blankie made by a cute fifth grader!

Tonight is the last UK home game and Trent and I are trying to decide if 1) we think we can stay awake the entire time and 2) we think we can figure out the timing of the feedings before and after. Mom said she'd watch the little bit, but we aren't sure we can do it. :) However, Collins is ready for the game!

Go Cats!


My goal is to take a long walk today and get some errands run! It's too nice for us to stay inside!


PS: Thanks for visiting!

Sara, Katharine, and Collins!


  1. Maegan, he's so adorable, and he's SO alert! He's awake in almost every picture you've posted!

    FYI--we are going to the game tonight too...I hope I don't fall asleep too!! :)

    Love your blog!

  2. Oh Maegan, he is so beautiful! It's so amazing to watch people embrace mommyhood as you have!