Thursday, March 10, 2011

Collins' Milk Party and One Month Birthday!

What a fun day we had together!

We started out the day with a bible story from our favorite Jesus storybook and learned all about Abraham and Sarah. I know he's a month old and doesn't understand it all just yet, but it's good for me to get a refresher! This is one of my favorite stories, because it's an example of how powerful God is. Trent and I tried for the longest time to get pregnant and I kept wondering, "Am I able to make a baby?" Well, who was I to challenge myself and God? God blessed Sarah with a baby way past her child bearing age. God works miracles and I just wasn't being patient and trusting his plan. I am so thankful for all He does for me. I pray I see the little blessings each day and never stop thanking Him for each one.

It was bath time and Collins enjoyed every minute! He loves to get his hair washed! His body becomes limp and he just lays there thinking, "Mommy, do you have to stop?" I can't wait until he can play in the tub, because I know he's going to love this!

We then met BeeBee and her friend Ann for lunch! Ann loved Collins and held him the entire time! She melted when he wrapped his little hand around her finger! He is a little lover and cuddler. XO After lunch we ran errands with BeeBee, so I could pick up some last minute items for Collins' one month party!

-How could I forget our photo shoot that I squeezed into the day?!?! I'm a little picture happy I know...

We went to our church's Ash Wednesday service and I wish I would have taken a picture of Collins with the ash cross on his forehead. It took up his entire forehead! Daddy was holding Collins while Pastor put the cross on him and Daddy said he looked so peaceful. I of course was standing behind Trent with tears filling my eyes. I will be a mess at his baptism!

It was then time for Collins' party and we came back to our home. I've been trying to think for the past couple of weeks how to make each month special and unique. So, for month one, we had a milk party! Collins chugged his milk (4 oz!!) and we all drank chocolate milk! Yum! He also had a little puppy cake (to match his nursery) that we all demolished pretty quickly. We sang Happy Birthday to our little one and then sat in the family room (with a sugar high) watching American Idol! Thank you everyone for coming and caring about Collins!

I think my favorite part of the day was winding down with Trent and Collins. We always lay him in our bed as we get ready and then all cuddle together before we take Collins to his crib. He is always in the best mood and WIDE awake at this time. It's such a special time and we don't take any of it for granted!

It's almost the weekend!


PS: Thanks Katherine and Mrs. Freedman for coming to see our little one!

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