Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy 3 Weeks Birthday!!

Where, oh where have the last three weeks gone? I've talked to moms who are empty nesters or even moms who have kids in elementary school and none of them know where time goes. It's so important for us all to not wish a day away or wish it was another time in the future. It will come and it will come fast! Cherish every moment and squeeze those around you.

Here are my favorite moments of the day. I've tried to slow down today and spend true quality time with Collins. My little baby is growing and he won't wait!

1. Collins woke up and we laid in bed together for a good hour. He cuddled up close to me and I loved feeling his little belly go in and out with each breath.

2. Collins loves books. We started reading, "The Jesus Storybook Bible" that was a gift from my sister's sweet roommate, Corrie. What a beautiful bible full of colorful, whimsical pictures and a special message. We read Genesis 1-2 and loved learning about our perfect home created by God. Collins stayed awake the entire time! What melted my heart was when he would look up at me and stare. It seemed like he was really listening. :)

3. It was time for a nap and I wanted to see how he would do in his crib. Normally during the day he naps downstairs by me, but I always feel like I wake him up or he doesn't have a deep sleep. So, I laid him down in his crib and turned on some music. We listened to the first three songs while I leaned over the crib and rubbed his head. I'm a sucker for Christian contemporary music and this CD (Praise Baby Collection: God of Wonders) brought tears to my eyes. I sang along with the songs and before I knew it, he was asleep. I just stayed there staring at my baby in awe. I know I had a hand in making sure Collins was taken care of in my belly, but I truly have my Creator to thank! I have a feeling these happy tears will come often.

4. Taking pictures of my baby is another daily highlight of mine. I've always loved to take photos, but taking them of Collins is so much fun! He even smiled for me today! xoxo Happy 3 Week Birthday little baby!

What a handsome smile!

Enjoy your sunshiney day!


PS: Thanks Elizabeth for coming to see me! :) I love my socks!!

Do my legs make these socks look good, or do the socks make my legs look good?

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  1. Oh I love reading this!! I am so glad you are taking time to enjoy each little baby moment. It really goes WAY too fast.
    I love that Collins was listening to you read to him.... I know he loved it! :)