Friday, March 25, 2011

Nala, is that really you?!

So, in my last post I mentioned that we had sent Nala, our 90 lb, rhodesian ridgeback, off to training. It started out as a three week training, but got extended to 6 weeks due to Nala's trainer needing a minor surgery. He asked to keep her longer and while we missed her, we truly enjoyed time with Collins by himself. We didn't need an energetic dog to add to the mix! :) We went on Wednesday to pick her up and I literally had tears in my eyes. Jim is a dog whisperer. We sat in the car to watch him show us what she could do and we were amazed. She could sit, stand, lay down, walk in circles, heel, come...all with hand movements! When we got out of the car to greet Nala she even remained calm! She was excited to see us by the looks of her tail, but she knew how to act!! We went through an intense training with Jim ourselves and noticed all of the wrong things that Trent and I were doing. We got in the car and both said, "Is this our dog?" When we got home we continued to work with her and she is doing wonderfully! Mom was over yesterday and normally would be attacked and licked to death, but Nala stayed in her 'stay' position and didn't budge!

Yesterday was a super busy day! I am so thankful for my mom and dad and how close they live! Mom watched Collins most of the day and when Dad got home from work he helped too! Mom and I started out at the Little Elk's consignment sale and found lots of cute little boy clothes. He is going to be one cute baby! One little seersucker outfit had a shirt with a seersucker bow tie! hehe After the sale, I headed to Garden Springs to watch my students in the PE program! I was so excited to see them. I brought them popcorn and pop and we had a fun time catching up. I've never gotten so many hugs in my life. :) After this Trent and I headed to our DePauw get together. It's so nice to have these little reunions because 1) I miss DePauw SO much and you kind of feel like you're back and 2) I love seeing my friends! We had a good time and even had a quick dinner (just the two of us) before heading home. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching Collins and for motivating us to leave the house. :)

The DePauw event ticket!

Tonight we are headed back up to Indiana to watch Papaw's team in the STATE FINALS!!!! WOW! They will play at Conseco! Good luck Papaw! We will leave early Sunday to get back in time for church. I get to sing contemporary pieces! Oh, how I've missed this. When I sing I feel so close to Jesus. I can't wait to feel this intense love again!

One of my good friends from Dunbar and DePauw is getting married this weekend in Florida and I wish I could be there! I'm thinking about you Amy!!! This was an emotional decision and one that still saddens me. I love being a mom...I just wish I could do it all!

A few faves!
Mom sent this picture to me when she was babysitting yesterday. He's my little angel.

Thanks Andrea for the ABC nightie!! We learned our alphabet this morning! XO

Trent took this pic a couple days ago. I LOVE winding down the day with my sweet baby. When we put him in his crib at night...I miss him!

Happy Weekend!
Love, Maegan

PS: My friend Tiffany got me a Mother's Devotional Bible for a baby shower gift. I love it! Thanks Tiff! In the back it lays out a plan for reading the entire bible. I'm going to do it! There is a one year plan and a two year plan. I'm going to do the two year plan since we're a little more busy these days. I will read two chapters a day and also do the mother devotionals. Last night's devotional hit home...exactly what I needed to feel refreshed and fall asleep. :) I get nervous thinking about this challenge I've taken on, but I pray that I stay diligent and put this first along with being a mommy and a wife. Please pray for me. I'm thirsty to learn more about my faith.

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