Monday, March 7, 2011

There's Nothing Better...

than being a mommy...At every stage of life, I've always thought, "Wow, this is great. There can't be anything better." Little did I know my life wouldn't be complete until I had a child. People say I have a God-given gift of teaching or singing, but my most special God-given gift is Collins. Truly a miracle! Right up there with Collins would be my mom's most recent CLEAR breast scan. I feel so full of happiness and all seems to be so right in the world. Please keep my mom in your prayers as her brain MRI is coming up.

What I have to look forward to every day...

We're working on scheduling a date for Collins' baptism. This is so important to me and I can't wait to watch him grow in his faith. I always believed, prayed, and went to church, but never had a 'real and powerful' relationship until I came home from college, grew up a little, and realized what was important and good. God was just waiting on me and I appreciate his patience. I have a one on one relationship with Christ now and I hope Collins finds this right away. I know his sponsors, family, and friends will support him in this as he grows and I'm so thankful to be surrounded by such great Christian people. I hope his little precious hands grow to help others.

Trent and I actually went to the UK game on Thursday night! Mom and Dad said they'd babysit and so we went! It started a 9...which was SUPER late for us...but we stayed awake and had a fun time together. We thought about Collins the entire time and enjoyed talking about our baby throughout the game. We did feel like a part of us was missing! We do recognize how important moments alone like these are. Collins' counts on us to be in love the rest of our lives and we promise to do just that!

Yesterday I had such a sweet moment with my baby. It was right after feeding and he was just lying there in my arms wide awake and alert. He was smiling and so content. He would look at me and stare. I kept squeezing him and thinking, "Just stay this little forever." I know he'll grow and get bigger every day, but I hope I can remember these moments of complete happiness. I guess this is why I have the blog!

I'll never get sick of looking at this face!

Daddy also had special time with his baby!

So did BeeBee!

So did GranPaul!

His little cheeks and legs are chunking up and I love this new little look. He is more round! :) His belly gets enormous when he eats and when you look at him straight on, it expands to each side by an inch or so. His little eyelashes are filling in (still wondering about those eyebrows), and his eyes are still a mixture of so many colors. In my mind I always try to picture what he'll look like!

Matthew Troop (one of my sis' friends) built this awesome wall name plate for Collins' bedroom. I had bought the letters before Collins was born, but didn't want to put them up until he was born! And then the longer I had the letters the longer my brain got, Trent and I explained to Matthew what we were thinking. Well first we didn't think it would turn out this ideas aren't always the best! And second, we didn't want Matthew to spend as much time and hard work as he did! But, knowing the person Matthew is, he gave 110% and it is just beautiful. It turned out to be a wooden masterpiece! Thank you Matthew so much!

Trent and Matthew hanging the sign! This was a science!

Collins' loves it!

Check out Aunt Sis getting to feed Collins! She was SO excited! I'm so thankful that Collins is doing well with the bottle once a day too!

Collins in his little man outfit!!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Love, Maegan

PS: More wonderful visitors!!
Mrs. Laski and Allison!

Lindsay and her mom came to see Collins!

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