Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's the little things....

that make life so precious. The big blessings are easy to find, but it's the small ones that you can find more often if you really look. :) They are everywhere!

The past two days have been full of little blessings!

1. When I put my hand on his binkie to hold it in place, he puts his little hand on mine!!
2. He's learning how to hold his binkie on his own. If it's the animal ones, he holds onto the legs. If it's the plastic ones, he put his finger through the loop.
3. He smiles so much more and sometimes I wonder if he's smiling about something I'm singing or saying. We were dancing last night in the family room (Daddy thought we were silly) and he was so happy. I hope we always dance together. :)
4. Some of his newborn clothes do not fit!! He is so long. This means he's growing and he's healthy. What a blessing and a comfort for mom!! I love his double chin!!

5. I'm starting to be able to soothe him when he cries. It would take a little bit for him to calm down, but now when I hold him he almost stops immediately.
6. He really looks at us. He focuses on our faces and watches our every move. Daddy makes silly faces all the time!
7. He loves to stretch. Watching him do this is so precious. He puts his arms above his head and he makes the cutest face when he yawns.

8. He's learning how to sleep! Last night he slept 5.5 hours! This is huge!! hehe
9. The little coos that he makes melt my heart. He's trying to talk to us and I love this connection! I could listen to him all day.
10. Last but not least, I love when I'm feeding him or holding him and he reaches out to touch me. It's like he's saying, "Hey Mom, I love you." I love you too little baby.

We are picking up our other baby today (Nala) from doggy boot camp! Boy did we ever miss her, but I am so grateful that we had these past 6 weeks to get Collins settled without a 90 pound dog. I pray that this was worth it. We spent some money on this, but we prayed about it and knew that in order to protect Collins from Nala's 'excitedness' and uncontrolled body weight, we needed to do this. Her trainer called yesterday and we are picking her up at 2! It sounds intense...we are to stay in our car when we first arrive and videotape him with her. Then we have a training session and can refer to the video if needed! This makes me nervous, but he said that Nala is one of the sweetest dogs that he's ever had. He said that there is absolutely no way that she would hurt the baby. I knew this in my heart, but now I feel better. I just want her to be able to control her body weight and stop acting like a diva. :)Collins is about to gain a best friend and I'm excited to see the two of them together. I've felt like a part of our family has been missing!! Oh, and the cat? He just ignores the baby. He has his own agenda...

My six week check-up at the doctor went great! I really did work to take care of myself and I followed all of the doctors orders! She asked if I was ready to have another child and while I am (believe it or not), we will be waiting!

Some cute pics..

Like father like son...matching outfits and sleeping habits....

Oh, little baby your Aunt Sis loves you so much!

Dressed up for Wednesday night church!


My little sorority sis and good friend, Nicole! She had the day off and spent a big part of it with us!!

Mary and Andrea came after a long day of work!

Mary teaching Collins how to give high-fives. :)

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