Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stripes, Squeals, and Sitting Up!

There is definitely a new found peace with staying home. However, I feel this daily urge to help out financially and I can't get rid of it! I know my job is to take care of my baby, but I feel like I need to help. Is this weird or off kilter? Trent's not pressuring me...we will be ok if we make hmmmmm.....I guess this is just a natural feeling when you go from working to staying home.

My working friends have been so very supportive of our family choice and this means so much to me. They still include me in after work get togethers and they never fail to ask how life is at home. And my answer to that? Wonderful!! I am one happy-go-lucky mommy. :)

I will start BSF (large bible study here in town) in September and look forward to growing in God's word and getting to meet tons of Christian women. On top of this, I'll be tutoring past students, singing at weddings, making clothes, and well, I can't tell yet!!!!! I am still in the training process, but this is so exciting for me!!! After talking to a couple of moms, this seems like the perfect stay at home job for me! :) Can you guess what it is?

So, in the past week Collins has grown by leaps and bounds. He is sitting up by himself and squealing up a storm! It's so fun to watch his little body shake as he builds up for a loud squeal. He bring so much joy to our lives!
Too cute in stripes!

Cutest little baby rump!

ALWAYS so happy!
I had a fun Monday night with Patty and Sara. We always have a blast when we are together and I miss seeing them everyday at work! Sara (who you've seen on the blog a lot) was Patty's student teacher years ago. Patty and I were team teachers so I was able to grow to know Sara and just loved her! We became great friends right away and I am so thankful that God placed her in that teaching assignment. :)

Patty and this hilarious singing toy she got him! He looks scared here!

Reading, The Very Hungry Caterpillar! I found my big board books from student teaching in 1st grade 7 years ago! :) He LOVES the page with all of the food! hehe

In my running clothes....seems like all I wear these days! ha
Hope God blesses your day in a very special way!

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