Monday, August 22, 2011

Unpacking Memories

Getting in bed last night made me one happy mommy! It was a long, but very fun weekend. I was unpacking this morning and couldn't help but think of the little memories along the way...

Trent surprised me with Lady Antebellum tickets for our 4 year anniversary. It was my FAVORITE concert!!! I knew all the songs...I'm slightly obsessed with Hillary's voice...and we were super close! :) I love their story and hope to go to another one of their concerts in my lifetime!! Our good friends, Matt and Andrea, watched Collins and I looooved getting texts about how he was doing! Collins loved their puppy dogs and couldn't take his eyes off of them while he ate his peas! Thank you sweet friends for taking care of our baby!

Ready to go in!!!



Had to get a candy apple at the fair!!

Matt and Andrea babysitting!!

The three of us spend the night in Lousville and then headed to Bloomington the next day to see Trent's fam! We surprised Dad Waltz at his elementary school and had a fun afternoon in the principal's office. hehe We got to see Kennedi in her classroom and this is one of my most special memories. She was so proud to introduce her cousin to her classmates! When school was over, Kennedi came to the office and we got to take her home! Dad and Mom Waltz couldn't believe how big Collins had gotten..sitting up...eating solid foods...laughing so much....two little bottom teeth!

He was teething a little while we were there, but he was still a happy baby! (For all you moms out there with teething have to try TEETHING TABLETS...they have saved us many nights! Collins' pediatrician told us about these and we went and got them right away!)

Saturday mornings are my long runs, so whether I wanted to or not, I had to run 6 miles. Trent took me to the most beautiful wooded trail in Bloomington and I was thankful for the shade and soft ground. I was nervous to attempt this run without my sister, but I had to. I did 6.2 in 66 with a water break at mile 3. So, it might have been more like 64? Wishful thinking?!?!...but I did hear my sister in my head the entire time and I never stopped to walk! :)

We had fun visiting with the Waltz's all weekend and we were sad to go! Kennedi, I loved singing to Collins' baby tunes in the car with you!!

This is Kennedi on the first day of school with her Papaw...the principal!!!

Collins and Papaw

Cute pic...even with the teething drool!

:) Who's in charge?

Kennedi in the principal's office!! :) hehe

Love the school street signs!

Summit kids!

Suzy lives across the street! So glad we got to visit!

Looking at pics in Doug's office!

Great smiles!

Bus duty!

Proud Grandma! xo

Squash....yummy!!! He loves it!

Proud Papaw xo

Teaching her all about changing diapers and feeding Collins!


Out to lunch....she was the babysitter for the day!

My two faves!

Kennedi is reading! What a smart Kindergartener she is!

Aunt Erin!

This is how I felt!

And my dear Collins, you are the most precious part of every memory. You have this incredible way of ALWAYS putting a smile on my face. Your big brown eyes melt my heart and your little dimples are too cute! I even love your loud squeal!! You are my sunshine!
Big boy sitting up!!! He can see Mommy now in the kitchen!

Long and fun weekend = bath time!

I forgot to include pics last week of the Dominican vs UK pro team game!!! It was SO good to be back in Rupp...not pregnant this time! I went to games up to month 8 and I felt enormous in those stands. :)

My best friend and hubby!

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  1. looks so fun. love the matching daddy and baby hat :)