Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shots, Swings, and Sandwiches

Waking up yesterday morning felt different than normal. I felt like my life was in fast forward and couldn't believe that 6 months was here! Oh how I was wishing for life to slow down! Collins and I laid in bed for awhile together and this is one of my most favorite times of the day. He is wide eyed, happy, and quite the lil' snuggler. :) We have little chit-chats about baby life and laugh the morning away.

Collins had his 6 month baby check-up so in the bath we went! He loves the bath so I thought, "What a perfect birthday treat!" And, I wanted yesterday to be anything but special for all 3 of us. :)
I'm so big, Mommy had to take the mesh baby sling out of my bathtub!! I love floating in the water!

Bath toys are the best now! I love to play!
A birthday tie!

Playing in my crib while mommy showered! I even fell asleep by myself!!

After his bath, my Mom picked us up for his doctor's appt. First, let me say how thankful I am for my Mom. She is the best mom, teacher, friend, mentor, and inspiration. I am so very blessed and lucky to have her here with me. Trent can't leave work for every appt., so Mom comes and I love having her there. She takes notes so that I can just focus on Collins. Boy did the notes help yesterday! Dr. Warner clued us in on his feeding schedule for the next 3 months and whoa...there's a lot to know! :) While Dr. Warner was telling us all about baby food, Collins was so hyper! He was kicking, bouncing, stomping his feet, and I couldn't help but laugh at one point! I wanted Dr. Warner to know I was listening so I tried to focus...but Collins was having a fun little moment and it was special and funny to me!

Collins is now 27.25 inches in length (up from 25.75) and in the 80th percentile. He has stayed very long! His weight is 17.09 ounces (up from 14.05) and in the 50th percentile! I would have never guessed that he was long and lean! :) His head has caught up and is now in the 55th percentile (was in the 45th percentile). He is just the cutest little thing! He loved the scale, being naked, and he truly didn't mind the shots. He let out a couple little whimpers, but I swooped him up immediately and he was refocused on food. :)
Scale time! :)

Before the diaper came off!

Getting his length! He still doesn't really like to stretch out!

My 6 month old baby! I love you with all my heart!

My Dad's caption for this photo: "Check out these guns, baby!!"  hahah

SOoooooo big!

Playing with BeeBee while waiting for Dr. Warner!

Smiling and jumping after 3 shots. Where did this happy-go-lucky baby come from!?!

Normally when we leave the paper is nice and neat. :) Wild baby Collins was here today!
After the appt. Mom and I had some errands to run. I haven't bought too many toys for Collins because 1) he got many as gifts and 2) he couldn't really 'play' yet. So, I went to TJ Maxx and let him pick out some little treats for being such a good boy at the doctor. He would barely let me pay for them, as he wanted to play and not let go! (sidenote: I also saw my friend Jen today and :). I'm just so happy for her! She is going to be such a wonderful mommy and I love seeing how excited she is. I love her little baby belly!)

My new shape sorter! I just chew on it for now!

My new play mat! I outgrew my little one! I'm on the move now! I move backwards!


When Daddy got home we picked up a special picnic dinner treat and then headed to Shillito Park! We had a fun little dinner together next to the playround and kept imagining our life in 3 years. Collins will not be waiting in his stroller....he will be begging to go play. "Mom, I'm done eating!!! Can I go?!?" We went swinging, down the slide, and on the tire swing!! Collins started shaking at one point in the swing. He wasn't sure about the funny belly feeling. He ended up loving it though! We even made playground friends and hope to see them there again soon!

Daddy's home! Let's play!

MMmmmm.....oh how I missed this during pregnancy!


He LOVES his Daddy!

EVERYTHING is fun with him!

Again! Again!

Collins, I hope your half birthday was special! We will celebrate more on Saturday with your 6 mo. party! You have a special surprise coming! We LOVE you so much!!! You make us SO proud!

Thanks for checking out our fun day! I hope you have a wonderful day with loved ones!

PS: Carly and Carrie: Hi! : ) Love you both so much and miss you! Good luck tomorrow at Beaumont! You'll shine! And if there are any other students that check the blog, good luck tomorrow too!!! Miss all of you!

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  1. My goodness, how time flies. Happy 6 month birthday to Collins. Can't wait to read about his party and surprise. Curious to see what the 6 month theme will be. Glad you had a great day with him. You are so very blessed to have such a loving, supportive, close family.
    Amy F.