Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Here! 6 Month Party and Photos!

Before I get into the six month bash, I want to share with you what my Pastor said at church yesterday. He said (as close as I remember!), "Love one another, encourage those around you to be the best that they can be, and treat others the way that Jesus would treat them." Wow. That's a lot of unconditional love, forgiveness, and understanding. Being as beautifully wonderful as Jesus is quite the challenge, but it never hurts to try. :) Treating one another with respect is so important and this means even more to me after seeing, "The Help." This is a must see and one to keep in your movie library. :)
The Help

My sweet baby is six months and I can truthfully say each day gets better. I love six months...he's rolling over both ways, trying SO hard to sit up, laughing on demand, using his legs to stand up, hugging necks, and trying to talk! He absolutely loves being tickled, following my every move, my mom's little white dog, and he loves his chewy toys.

He's working on his two bottom teeth right now and loves to put everything in his mouth! His bottom left tooth is almost up and his bottom right is cutting the surface. Collins has been a wonderful baby even through this 'teething' thing. I wonder all the time how I ever got so lucky! I am so not deserving!

Here are his 6 month photos! Such a BIG boy!! xoxo Pictures were a little more challenging this'll see why! :)
Waking up...

I'm ready to go Mom!

This half smile cracks me up!

Curious baby!

I think he looks like my Mom here!!!

Trying to crawl!

He LOVES the TV!

Belly crawling....

Wanted to chew the paper!

I couldn't keep him still!! Big difference from the first month!

Collins, you are my sunshine!! He loves his puppy from Miss Patty!

Thanks Matthew for my birthday toy!

For his 6 mo. party I themed it around TEETH! We played, "Crocodile Dentist", a word game with Collins' dentist's name, and a mouth game with the marshmallows being little teeth! Prizes were titled, "No Cavities Mom!" and "Sweet Tooth". If you won a game you got to choose what prize you'd want! Candy...or toothbrushes!!!! hehe We played a couple more games throughout the evening (Headbands and Dicecapades) and just had SO much fun laughing and spending time together. Kristen Brennan Forman (friend from high school!!) made Collins' 6 mo. HALF cake and I was SO very impressed with the finished product!! She even researched our dog so that it looked like Nala! The fondant Collins had a diaper and a pacifier! Too cute!!! Thank you so much for working so hard on this!

The birthday boy!!!
Half a cake for my half a year old boy!

Practicing Crocodile Dentist!!

Collins' dentist word game!! He will be going to my pediatric dentist!

Aunt Sis won the SWEET TOOTH award!

Marshmallow Teeth game!

Matthew won the NO CAVITIES MOM award!


The adult version of HEADBANDS! My students loved this game!

SO excited!!


Not a big deal Mom!

Dad and Lucie crack me up!

Didn't you know I'm a genuis?? I'm eating a book!

One proud Daddy!

Collins had a gift for me!! :) Trent and I get to go on a date to the Dominican National Game tonight!!

Thanks for reading the blog!!!! :)

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