Thursday, August 11, 2011

Teaching in a Box?

A trip to my basement is enough to make anyone say, "Whoa." Yes, it's packed with 6 years of teaching, 3 different grades of materials and plans, containers, globes, center activities, and the works. Everytime I go to my basement I can't help but think, "What have I done?" Well, while a fourth of my basement is taken over with some of the best moments of my life, I've realized you can't box up teaching. I can't box up my gift that my parents have always told me I had. I can't box up what I've learned and what I've taught over the years. I can't box up the moments when a student or a parent hugged me or told me that they loved me. I can't box up the sound of my students ringing bells at my wedding. I can't box up the beautiful friendships I made with my co-workers. I can't box up any of this. So, what's in my basement? Things.
Bins and bins of  things.

My team teacher and dear friend, Sara. Although we didn't start the year off together teaching 5th grade, you can't box up friendship!

You can't box this up either. We've all gone separate ways, but we still remain friends. Thank you Garden Springs for bringing these beautiful women in my life. They are so special to me! (at Andrea's rehearsal dinner!)
And why can't I box all of this up? It's a part of me. Who I am. And now, I'm off to teach Collins how to count to 10. :)
But, I'll be MOM this time. XO

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