Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Toygaroo and Mockingbird Sun!

Saw this on the Nate Berkus show this morning and wish I would have thought of it!! It's like Netflix for toys! The owner went through the whole sanitation process and it sounded legit! You should try it! You select a package and fill your 'pouch' with toys! How fun!

Online Toy Rental
Click here!

Have to sneak in a few pics of my own little kangaroo!

My boys xo

He SO knew what he was doing!

Airplane with Great Uncle Bruce!

I looove Great Aunt Julia!

I'm still sleepy after 12 hours!!!

Kissy cheeks!
 The next set of photos was from last weekend. We went to listen to Mockingbird Sun at Tin Roof here in Lexington. The lead singer is my sister's friend's boyfriend and incredibly gifted. If you have a chance, download some of their music. They are talented songwriters!

Cute couple!!


Me and Sara! Thanks for coming!!!!

Corrie and MB! Corrie, it was wonderful seeing you!

The band!

May God bless your Tuesday! It's sunny here! Off to the pool we go!


  1. Can I please tell you how jealous I am of your life? Watching daytime TV and heading to the pool?!?! You are one lucky girl. :)

  2. awww i got to see Corrie that morning- but couldnt make it to the concert that night:( glad you went and had fun! their band is so good!