Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blessings In Disguise

Some days I am just overwhelmed with blessings. Today is one of them.

I received an email from a young Kentucky woman that I've never met before. She found my email on my blog and sent me the sweetest, most uplifting email I've ever received. And, the blessing part? She didn't know how bad I needed that email. These past few days have been hard. Open House Night....seeing all the back to school items at every store I go starting in a few's been harder than hard. I'm able to find peace in my sweet baby, but I can't lie and say I haven't had a few sad moments here and there about not going back. I guess these feelings are normal.

So, the email. She mentioned that she had seen me teaching in a few Singapore math videos, had found my teaching blog, and then ran across this blog. She has a little boy of her own and knows how incredibly special being a mommy is. She is a teacher and a mommy and wanted me to know what a rewarding and special job I had of just being a mommy. I needed this reassurance. Not, that I didn't know...but it was like I needed someone else to tell me this...someone I don't even know! Weird I know. A blessing tailored for me. I have come to realize that being a mommy is the best decision for me and if God has written in my book for me to be a teacher again...then I'll welcome it with open arms. :) For now, I have a classroom of one!

I thought this song hit every emotion I'm feeling. If you haven't heard it or need some reassurance that God never leaves you alone, please listen. :)

Laura Story's Blessings

My BIGGEST blessing.

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