Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My BIG Blessing

I always say he's my little blessing because he's only 13 some pounds....but really he's my big blessing. If you don't have children yet, just wait. You won't believe how much your heart can love! It's also an incredible feeling to know that you have a little person relying on you for everything. With him...nothing is a chore...laundry is even fun!

Trent and I have been joking around about what Collins might do someday...track, basketball, golf, tap dance...haha. I just want him to not get hurt! We went to a Dunbar lacrosse game about a month ago and that is off his list of what he will be able to do! The kids were hitting eachother with sticks!!

My husband, family, and friends keep telling me that Collins really watches me. I've been noticing this more lately and sometimes ask him why he's looking at me so intently. :) Do I look funny??!? hehe I'm his source of food and I have to admit that when a big yummy pizza is put in front of me I can't stop staring either! I truly feel like he knows who I am and I melt inside when he smiles at me. I am one proud mommy!

Here are some pics from the past week!

Bathtime...his favorite time! If he could talk he'd ask to soak for another hour!

Naptime! He loves to sleep on his side now! Sometimes he giggles when he sleeps!

Evening walk time! Does he fall asleep every time? Yes! :)

In the morning I feed him in my bed and then we go back to sleep together! He is such a happy boy when he wakes up!

Collins' new eyelashes!! He was born with none and now they are long and full!

Bedtime! Mommy's favorite time! Collins talks so much and I love to read stories with him! :) Look at him talk to his Daddy! SO CUTE!!!

And, just a pic of the most yummiest, most delicious treat in the world!

Stay safe in the weather! Collins and I hung out in the bathroom this morning!



  1. how cute is that pic of him in the morning with his hands all stretched up? love it.

  2. Thanks Katharine! Watching him stretch is so funny!! :)


  3. Maegan, those pictures are so cute! And that video is awesome!!! He's adorable, such a handsome boy! You are so blessed!