Thursday, April 7, 2011

2 month check-up!

What a big boy I have! And boy, am I lucky! Collins went for his 8 week check up and I had so many mixed emotions! Nervous for him, excited to see how much bigger he's gotten, and sad that my baby is growing up! I saw my volleyball coach as we were walking out of the office and his little girl is already a year old! I remember when she was born. Wasn't it yesterday? That will be me someday walking in with a one year old and this 2 month check-up will be long gone. That's why I love pictures. :)

Collins was weighed and measured as soon as he was taken back! He was 12.4 pounds (70th percentile...up from 8.2 at his 2wk), 23 inches long (50th percentile...up from 20 3/4 at his 2wk), and his head was 39 centimeters (45th percentile...up from 36 at his 2wk)!! We have a growing boy! Everything checked out healthy! We just love Dr. Warner and he always shows SO much care for our little boy!

And then it was shot time. No one has probably ever written about getting a shot, but when you're a first time mom, the experience is like none other! The nurse told me so many times....he's going to scream, cry crocodile tears, spit out the polio medicine,etc. I was nervous going into the appointment and was wishing that I could bear the pain for him! I wanted to hold him so bad during the shots, but the nurse said that I needed to lay him down and I could hold his hands. So, I jumped up on the table next to him and squeezed his little hands and kissed his sweet little face. He had no idea what was coming!! She started with the polio medicine and he sucked this down just like he does his milk! He didn't mind the taste and we were all shocked after we had heard other stories of babies hating it. "He must be a good eater!" the nurse explained...yes he is! Then, quicker than I could blink, she gave him three shots in his thighs. The first shot went fine and then boom....something triggered a cry. My heart was beating so fast. He's never felt anything like this and as I felt tears well up, I knew I had to be strong. He's going to fall, break bones, chip teeth, who knows...and I have to be strong. Luckily BeeBee came along with us...she was my support! :)

The tiny neon bandaids were put on right away and it was finally my time to hold my little baby. As soon as I picked him up, he stopped crying! Did he know it was his mommy? It made me feel good to be able to comfort him right away! He wrapped his little arms around mine and I wasn't letting go! On a side note, he did look pretty adorable all bandaged up!
Waiting on the doc!

My 8 week old baby!

Polio medicine! Yummy!

These neon bandaids have got to be the same ones that I got when I was little. I went to the same practice!

BeeBee helping out!

I had to run to rite-aid to get his medicine and couldn't resist from picking him up a little treat. :) My mom used to to take me to Hardee's after doctor's appointments. They used to have these little pound puppies that I loved! I thought I'd do the same thing for Collins! Since it's close to Easter I picked him up a little bunny and put a bandaid on its leg. :) He loved it! I'm so proud of him already!
Eating his bunny!

He had his first dose of infant tylenol and it was all over him. :) Quite challenging! When he spits it back out you never know how much they actually get! He proved to be better at it as the night went on. :) That berry flavor is nothing like milk, but if you follow the medicine with a binky..he swallows and it goes down! Thanks BeeBee for that trick!
This little amount does the trick?!

Before his appointment, we had a special play date with Gabriella Grace! Megan and I went to Mary's for a fun little brunch and GG entertained us the entire time. What a sweetie. I love watching her dance!

Mary in teacher mode :).

Meg and GG xo

GG watching over Collins!

We're going to do his 2 month birthday celebration on the 9th. Is his 2 month birthday on the day he turns 8 weeks or on the 9th, his birth day? I'm going to stay on the 9th for each month and take his pictures then. Easier for me to remember. :)

Have a good Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday!

PS: Just some faves!
Full belly!!

I love him so much!!

What a trooper!


  1. aww! cute! loved seeing you guys! I loved my lesson on you-know-what, too! haha!

    Megan @

  2. I noticed in your pics Charlene was your nurse! She and my mom are great friends and I've known her since I was little! Isn't she great?! Also, I love that you caught me in teaching mode...Nursing 101! hahaha XO!

  3. He is getting so big boy!!! And just precious!! :) Love looking at his pictures... and glad you are doing great too!

  4. My mom used to take me to get a my-little-pony after I got shots:) i think that is a good tradition to start:) Also, if you blow into their face after you put the medicine in, it makes them swallow. thats what I do at work anyway :)

  5. Oh my goodness!! I love those thighs! Can't wait to see him soon- he's such an adorable bundle of sweetness!