Wednesday, May 4, 2011

11 Weeks Too Fast!

Dear Sweet Collins,
Happy 11 weeks bitty bop! I am so proud to be your mommy and I love you so much!! Everyday you make me so happy and I love every moment with you! Daddy and I are so blessed to be your parents and wonder everyday how we got so lucky to have you in our life! God is so wonderful to us!

I hope someday when you're 18 and mad at me, you'll look back at this blog and know every decision I've made has been out of love! :) You are already growing into such a beautiful boy and we look forward to the good AND tough moments. We grow closer to God through each of them and hope you feel comfortable enough to come to us and Him for help!! XO

Love you sweet baby!

We've been a pretty busy family, but we wouldn't want it any other way! We love our families and friends and cherish the memories being made! Look at what we've been up to the past couple of days!

Garden Springs Carnival!! One of my favorite nights! Collins even did the cake walk!
Aunt Sis!

Soon to be dad, Brian!!

Our sweet friends, Megan and Brian, found out that they are having a beautiful little girl! They've told us the name, but I can't spill the beans!! It's such a classy, fun, girly, southern, and gorgeous sounding name! My heart is just bursting with joy for them, because I know all too much how perfect life becomes when you have a baby. It's just the way it was meant to be! I can't wait for them to feel the love that Trent and I do. It's truly amazing! Congrats you two!

Aunt Sis and Matthew babysat while Trent and I were at Megan and Brian's. They sent pictures every once in awhile to let me know he was ok! :)

We went to Louisville this weekend to visit with Trent's parents and had the best surprise! They brought my niece Kennedi! I just love her oodles and oodles. We had fun shopping at St. Matthews mall (found the cutest baby store: Crazy 8...obsessed!), went to a yummy dinner on the river, went swimming at the hotel pool, and we even got to celebrate Mother's day with Trent's mom! We had Collins ready to go swimming, but the pool was a little chilly. Trent had fun with Kennedi though!!

Swimmy Diapers!

You are my angel!

Look at this little gem I found in Lousville! My two favorite places at one stop. I can just imagine eating Jimmy Johns and then going to splurge on my favorite Starbucks drink!!! Major yummy!!

May God bless your day!!

Lots of sweet visitors!! Thank you friends!!
Jandyce and her cutie pie, Braxton!! Jandyce used to dance with me at Diana Evan's and couldn't be more beautiful. Every time I see her she is more stunning!

The Hogan Fam! I had Kari in class a couple years ago. Love them!

The Sandy Fam! I had Brandon in class last year! They are such sweeties!

Aubree from my first class! She was a bell ringer in my wedding too!


  1. How cute! Love the new pics. Thanks for including us in your post and making the time to come! I'm sure it was so hard to leave Collins {which I am still sad I didn't get to see him you silly girl!} but, as an aunt, I know how much fun MB must have had babysitting!! :)
    You need to come 'follow' us! haha!

    Megan @

  2. Love all the pictures once again. Collins is adorable and I imagine I when I get to meet him, I will not want to put him down. Thank you for keeping us updated and sharing all the great photos. Hope you have a blessed and memorable 1st Mother's Day.