Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Little Collins has changed so much in the past week! He finds our faces if we're walking by or if he hears us he'll turn to look. He focuses on our eyes and mouth and now smiles when we smile! His face reacts to funny sounds and he even tries to mimic facial expressions! This has got to be the most fun change so far! He talks to us now and says, "Gooooooo!" No 'coo-ing' but there is lots of 'goo-ing'! He makes the roundest 'o' with his beautiful lips! Thank you God for these beautiful moments with my baby. He makes my heart smile. :)

Mamie and Papa were in town this weekend as they headed back up to Michigan from their winter Florida getaway. They were amazed with the changes that took place in just 2 weeks! Collins talked up a storm with both of them and was in the best mood! He must love his great grandparents! Today we are all headed to the mall together and I'm pretty sure Papa will want to push the stroller! :)

We had a special wedding to go to on Saturday night (Yay Kevin and Jen!), so we left Collins with BeeBee, GranPaul, Mamie, and Papa. From the day we got Jen's invitation, Collins' had a babysitter. There is definitely not a shortage of love. Mom sent me pictures of Collins throughout the night. It looks like he had a blast! :) On another note, I feel so bad for the UK players. I thought they could pull it off!! Anywho, Collins was dressed up for the event! (Lucie does not leave baby's sight!)
Go UK!

Collins out to eat before the UK game! Mommy and Daddy were at the wedding!

Sunday morning we woke up for church and Collins got his morning bath! Mornings are my favorite time of the day with Collins. He is such a happy baby! I love when he stretches and stretches and stretches! He is just so relaxed and at ease. :)

After church we headed to our regular spot, Raffertys. :) Collins fell asleep in the booth!

Aunt Sis, Matthew, Trent, and I went golfing on Sunday. Humorous...to say the least. Melisa-Beth and I mainly drove the carts, but we did hit a few balls! It was such a gorgeous day!

GranPaul's birthday was yesterday and Collins and I met him and Aunt Sis for lunch! He loves Jalapenos, so we met there and had a quick lunch! GranPaul never gets away, so it was very special to be able to eat lunch with him! Collins brought GranPaul a Snickers to help him get through the rest of his day! We had a fun celebration last night together as a family. :)
At Jalapenos!

Back at home celebrating!

Just some favorite shots!
Collins in his seersucker pants! We got these at consignment for $2.00! :)

Sleeping Beauty :)



  1. Oh Maegan,

    What an adorable little man you have! That video of you talking to him while he gooed made me tear up. I am so glad that God blessed you; such a kind, caring, sweet woman of faith and Trent; an amazing man of faith, with Collins. I am thankful to your mom for keeping me in the loop and providing me the link to your blog. I miss hearing you sing and just hanging with your extended family. I always felt such peace and love when I was with you all! May God continue to bless you, Trent, and Collins.
    With love and hugs, Amy F.
    (former LEX resident and attendee of St. John's)

  2. Oh, Amy we miss you! :) Thank you for your sweet words! I'm so glad mom shared the link with you and thank you for reading my looong posts! :) We need to catch up! Come visit soon!