Monday, April 18, 2011

My Favorite Things...

What a weekend! I am so thankful for my husband who completely took over so that I could deal with a not-so-nice sinus infection. It started last Wednesday night and I am still dealing with it!

I had a friend this weekend ask me what some of my favorite baby items were. So, after walking around the house this morning and checking everything out, here are 21 of our most useful (or favorite) items! And ones that Collins loves! haha Yea, I know you're thinking 21?!? Well I numbered wrong and ended up with one extra! haha Have fun reading!!!

1. Summer Video Monitor: Absolutely the best! If you're contemplating on which one to get, I highly suggest this one. When Collins was in our room in the bassinet for the first couple of weeks, I was constantly getting up to check to see if he was breathing. I was so worried all the time! :) Once he was in his crib, we set this monitor up and my world changed! I can see his chest moving or his hands pumping in the air and I know he's ok! I swear everytime I walk into his room he wakes up, so this prevents that from happening too! I'll admit to watching him on the monitor for awhile before I fall asleep, but there's nothing better than listening to his little goos. :)

2. Wubbanubs: There are definitely some that I like more than others, because they lay on his chest better. The puppy and giraffe are my favorites. He likes the elephant, but the legs can sometimes keep it from laying flat. These are so great because they stay in their mouths and now Collins holds onto them. Plus, they're cute! :) If you don't purchase the Wubbanubs, the pacifier that is on the end of these are also his favorite. These are the ones they will give you in the hospital!

3. Snuggle Nest: Trent and I have loved being able to lay in bed with Collins with this little nest. :) Of course there are times when we don't use it, but if you accidentally fall asleep you know the baby is protected. We travel a lot too so it's kind of like a make-shift bed! Plus, in the very beginning it kept his little head from moving side to side. It also has a little light by his head, but we've yet to put batteries in it! :)

4. Fisher Price Wonders Tub: This tub is amazing! The blue net keeps his body somewhat above the water and you are hands free! It makes it easy for washing! Trent loves the little turtle that came with the tub. Him and Collins have fun sprinkling water everywhere. :)

5.Fisher Price Lamb Swing: A lifesaver. You can adjust it so it swings front to back or side to side. Collins reaches out now to touch the little animals and stars! There is a buckle for safety and many different speeds. Collins loves the music and motion!

6.Praise Baby Worship CDs: If you get any of these items, this is a must. I've blogged before about these CDs and just can't get enough of them. The music is beautiful and it puts him to sleep every night. If you love contemporary music, you'll find yourself staying in the nursery to listen. They always make me tear up! (sorry the next two pictures are lopsided...they kept flipping!)

7.Hallmark's recordable books: For Christmas my entire family recorded their voices on their own special books It was such a sweet idea and I love hearing their voices as Collins and I flip through the books. My goal is to get Trent's entire family to record books too. What a keepsake!

8. Hallmark's Little Recordable Lamb: If you love to sing or even if you don't (!!), this is a very sweet item. It's in Collins' Easter basket ready to go! :) You record your voice singing "Jesus Loves Me." Don't worry about sounding's kind of hard to do so when you're singing loudly into a box! But, it will keep your voice for years and it will be a constant reminder of how much Jesus loves your little baby!

9.BooBoo Bunny: I've seen these at most baby retail stores. It has an ice pack in its chest and it comes with a couple refills. What a non scary way to heal a boo boo. We haven't had to use it yet, but the ice pack is in the freezer just waiting for those spills!

10.Blanket Bag: or basket...or tub...I'm telling're going to have LOTS of blankets! Just wash, throw in the bag, and go. It keeps them all organized and out of the way. :) This was a gift from Pottery Barn. You can get it monogrammed however you'd like! I also have one for laundry and I love it!

11.Parents Magazine: My sister got me a subscription for Christmas and what a great idea! If you have a preggers friend, this would be the perfect gift. Every article doesn't apply right now, but I know it will! I love the creative ideas too!

12.Bassinet: We went back and forth on this for months. Do we need one? Should we just use a moses basket and stand? I just couldn't fathom spending so much money on something that we will only use for a month max. My mom came up with a good idea to make it a family heirloom. So, she purchsed it for us and we will pass it down for as long as it is safe (thank you Mom)! It's neat to think that my sister's babies or my grandchildren might sleep in the same bassinet some day! This one comes from Pottery Barn and we love it. There is a storage area underneath the bed and you can also lift off the bed to lay it on the floor or wherever you choose.

13.JJ Cole Diaper Caddy: SO useful! You can tote this around the house anywhere! It has a plastic changing pad, two compartments, and a drawer. It's very handy and it stays looking neat and organized!

14.Books!: I've talked about the Storybook Bible (LOVE!!), but the others are wonderful too! "Bringing Up Boys" is such a cute book for those having boys obviously. I'll read a story, look at Trent, and before I can even ask...he says, "Oh yes..I did that too!" So funny. It's a great book about how boys are wired differently from girls and how to parent and love them in the best way possible! "Baby Wise" is also a great quick read. I started highlighting important things, but after highlighting an entire page, I put down the highlighter. The entire book is very informative on how to help your baby stay on a schedule (eat, play, sleep). "Baby Bargains" is a fun, quick read. It has thousands of ways to save money and hey, I'm all for that! :) "100 Verses Every Dad Needs to Know" is a beautiful book. It explains the verses and applies them to issues that your child may be going through (peer pressure, trusting in God's timing, actions speak louder than words, etc). It's a great go-to book for a new or old dad! :)

15.Baby Handprint Kit: I believe I got this at Babies-R-Us. I'm going to attach a cute ribbon to it and always hang it on our Christmas tree. :) Also, if it falls, it won't break. It dried into a foam substance!

16. Dishwasher Organizer: I got this from Babies-R-Us and was unsure about it at first. Would it fit? Is it worth it? Well, let me tell is worth every bit! :) I keep it in our washer and it just helps to organize all of his binkies and bottle nipples. They are so small that I was afraid they'd fall down and start a fire in the bottom of the dishwasher. hehe

17. Dapple Baby Dish Liquid: This is from BuyBuyBaby and I love it. Because I am pumping once a day to allow Trent to feed Collins, we have bottles all over the place! And, mommy's milk is not easy to get off of bottles. But, this has worked great to rid the bottles of the milk residue! Then, I put the bottles in the dishwasher. Use this as a pre-wash!

18.A Baby Book: If you are pregnant, make sure you pick up one of these! There are so many pages to fill out before the baby even gets here! I picked this one up last summer when I was traveling around Kentucky training teachers. I immediately started filling it out and have now added pictures to each page! You don't have to go all out like this, but you'll love to have a memory book all about your pregnancy and your child's first year!

19. ANY kind of container for socks without a match: For some reason, we lose socks every time we do a load. We always seem to find them later, but have a little container for baby socks. You'll have them everywhere!

20. Target's washing machine bags: Another must for socks! This will keep all of the little socks from mixing in with the other laundry. They are hard to find sometimes!

21. Joseph Beth's Accordian File: Great for orgznizing all of your baby's hospital forms, shot records, etc. I keep it handy, because his doctor always wants me to bring a couple things to each appointment. :)

And my all time favorite???? My sweet little family! xoxo



  1. ha! Was I the friend you were talking about?! Looks like a great list! Also, I saw some things I'd never seen before with my sister's two...which is just what I was hoping for! :)

    Come visit us and follow! :) Megan @

  2. Aw Meg, it was you!! :)I have so many more favorites so if you have questions, please ask!! :) xo