Monday, April 25, 2011


This one word describes the weekend perfectly. From family being in town to Aunt Sis's birthday to the resurrection of our dear Savior, the weekend was amazing. Check out how busy Collins was!

My Mamie (grandma), Aunt Lisa, and cousin Alissa came in town on Thursday! I was SO excited to see them and I know they were excited to meet Collins. I've mentioned before how close my family is and it was so evident this weekend. Although they live in Michigan and we only see them a couple times a year, it's like no time has passed every time we get together. We text, talk on the phone, email, and work hard to stay in touch. I am so blessed to have such a sweet family and I don't take any of it for granted.

Aunt Lisa and Alissa meeting Collins! XO

We went shopping Thursday night at Macy's and had a blast! We had our Friends and Family coupon, but Mom had another coupon on top of this that gave us almost 40 perfect off!! The boys got suits, the girls got purses, and Collins got new was just so fun getting the HUGE discount!!! And, I'll, sis, and I had been at the mall most of the day on Wednesday too! When you do ever get 40% off?!?

Collins shopping the night away!

On Friday morning I went to Garden Springs to give a CATS test pep talk, bring treats for the kiddos, and introduce Collins to them! When the door to my classroom opened I wanted to cry. The kids were so excited and ran up to see him. I had them sit back down (!!), but my heart was just so happy. These kiddos watched me through every phase of pregnancy and some even prayed for baby Collins. It was so sweet to see the video cameras and cameras that the kids had brought to document the special event. :) I love them!

On Friday afternoon we took the family to Keeneland. The rain didn't stop us from having fun! This was Collins' first trip to Keenelend and he just slept the day away in his seersucker bowtie. :) On the drive over there I kept thinking about their hotdogs. Weird I know, but when I was pregnant last October I could not have hotdogs. I watched people eating them and felt my stomach crying on the inside. So, it was finally time and I got the biggest hotdog that they had. :) I was a happy girl!

Saturday was Melisa-Beth's 25th birthday and we had a beautiful day all together. I am so thankful for my sissy and can't believe she's 25 already! Just yesterday we were playing My Little Pony and riding our bouncy horse in the basement. We got a pedicure, met for lunch at Stanley J's (YUM), went on the hunt for Easter donuts, baked a bunny cake for Melisa-Beth's birthday, dyed Easter eggs, went to Nagasaki for dinner, and came back to open gifts, eat cake, and attend a concert in our very own family room! My sister's roommate's boyfriend is a singer/guitar player in a band down in Nashville. He had come over for the celebration and sang about six of his songs. He is so gifted! His band is opening up for Toby Keith! WOW!

Waiting in the car while the boys were donut shopping. :)

Easter Egg fun!

Nagasaki for MB's birthday dinner! Collins' eyes got SO big when the cook did his fire trick!

Cake and Fun!

Collins' gift to Aunt Sis! We worked hard to get that handprint! Collins likes to make fists! :)

Easter Sunday was wonderful.We woke up early and headed out to my parents' house for Easter brunch. The Easter bunny came!!! I had so much fun looking through Collins' Easter baskets. What a lucky baby!

A basket made by one of my student's parents! So sweet.

Our church service was beautiful and the songs were such a sweet reminder of how much we are loved. Can you imagine sacrificing your very own son? Now that I have a child and feel this incredible love, it's amazing to witness how much He loves us. Thank you for the forgiveness of my sins and for the resurrection of your one and only I have a new life in you and an eternal life in Heaven. How beautiful!

We then headed to the Marriott for a buffet lunch and have never eaten that much in my life!! When we first sat down I told the family not to judge me for how much I was about to eat! haha They had a seafood, meat, salad, breakfast, and dessert buffet. It was so yummy!! I went up for fourths! ha! My new little family took some pics too at the Marriott...almost 4 years ago Trent and I had our wedding reception there! :)

We changed into comfortable clothes and just relaxed!

You have to put a baby in an Easter basket!

Collins was born in the year of the bunny! This is such a neat fact, because I LOVE bunnies and slept with a stuffed bunny when I was little! Trent and I chose our home too because of the influence of a bunny! :) Collins' great grandma Gran E gave this to him for Easter. :)

I hope your Easter was great too. I'm so thankful you're in my life!


PS: Lindsey got to meet Collins this weekend when she was home for Easter! She was even at Nagasaki when we were there! Collins loved the fish too!


  1. Sounds like a glorious weekend!! Just as His resurrection is a glorious gift to us.
    Oh Stanley J's, how I miss thee. Please pass on Happy Birthday wishes to MB. Glad you had an amazing weekend with family and friends. Thanks for sharing all the fun, adorable photos!
    Love ya and miss ya, A

  2. Love the pics! Collins is getting sweeter by the day! His Easter baskets were all so cute!! And I loved the gift for Melissa Beth, great idea!

  3. You guys are real blog troopers for getting through that one!! SO LONG! :)