Friday, April 15, 2011

Smile Party!

At two months a baby is not eating anything different, so I needed to be creative and think differently (we had a chocolate milk party at month 1...see post)! What does Collins do that I love? Well, everything...but his smile warms my heart everytime I see it! So, we themed the party around smiles!

"Because you make me smile...I wanted to make you smile!"-Collins

I made (or bought!) everyone's favorite food whether it was apple crisp or buffalo dip. We had a wide range of random foods but it was yummy and funny! :)

Here are the faves...
Trent: Cookie Cake
Melisa-Beth: Mexican Food (tacos)
BeeBee: Popcorn
GranPaul: Apple Crisp and Ice Cream
Matthew: Shrimp Cocktail and Buff Dip (we all LOVE buff dip)
Me: Paper plates...little clean up!! :)

We can't believe our baby is 2 months old. Trent and I squeeze and love on him all day every day. It just goes SO fast!!

Bedtime was never one of my favorite times of the day. First, it takes me forever to get ready...Second, it means that my alarm clock will be going off soon...and Third, if it's Sunday...that means the start to a new work week. Since Collins has been born it's been one of my favorites! It's amazing how much this little guy can change things! First, I'm exhausted...haha....Second, he is so much fun to talk to and cuddle with...and Third, we love to read stories together! We're almost getting through the night (5:oo am feeding), but I love waking up to feed him. It doesn't bother me one bit! Check out some photos of one of our favorite times of the day!

I've been fighting allergies or a cold and just can't crack it. I've called the peditrician and the pharmacist and all of the meds are known to dry up a milk supply. So, who better to ask than one of my best friends who's been through this allergy mess and feeding issue...Kristin! :) Looks like I can take regular Claritin and it won't affect me or the baby! Oh, what a wonderful thing to hear! We were supposed to go on a walk today with our babies, but I just can't imagine walking outside with this sinus pressure. We're back on schedule for Monday! :) Thanks K!

Mom and I are headed to SAMS today and I'm pretty excited about it! :) haha I LOVE the samples and I LOVE seeing that it's possible to get any candy I've ever wanted or any item really. It's the best place and I can't wait to go! :) I hope Collins enjoys it as much as his mom does! And, guess what? I can eat the hot dog there now! No more pregnancy food cravings that I can't have! :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Andrea, I'm excited for your wedding shower tomorrow! Your wedding is so soon!!


PS: I've finished the Book of Acts and enjoyed reading about Paul. The Lord truly kept him in his care and protected him from a terrible hurricane and others who didn't believe just yet. I flagged most of the pages so that I can share with Collins some day about the Christian meaning of his middle name. :) His GranPaul would probably love to do this too! xo

A couple faves:

Teaching him how to stick his tongue out! :) I may regret this, but it's too funny! :) He mimics any facial expression!


  1. Cutest pics ever! Love the 2 month party with the smiles and everything!! :) Great idea, you are so creative!!