Friday, February 25, 2011

Mommy, I loved my bath!

Collins' belly button was looking good, so daddy and I decided to give him his first big boy bath last night! He has graduated from the sponge bath to the 'Ocean Wonders' tub!! Did he like the experience? That's an understatement. Collins LOVED the tub and looked so cute in it!

All warm and dry!!

Two days a week we are supplementing with a bottle of formula. The pediatrician hopes that this will rid Collins of his jaundice. It's almost gone! Trent was so excited to be able to feed Collins. It only lasted about 5 minutes (he gobbled down the formula), but it was a special time for daddy!

Kisses always!

Collins loved the formula!!

Burp time!

My sweet 5th grade sent me the sweetest gift through email yesterday. I just love them so much! Tears were flowing! Miss you guys so much!

Collins has a big weekend coming up! We are headed to Bloomington this weekend and back for newborn photos on Sunday! We are wondering how his first big car trip is going to go! Wish us luck! I hope everyone has a nice weekend! Love, Maegan

PS: A few more pics of visitors!

Amy and Collins!

Mrs. Schuster and Collins!!

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