Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Saw God Today...

If this is what heaven is like it is a perfect, beautiful, and miraculous place. Looking at Collins reminds me how powerful, mighty, and full of love God is. Collins is truly a miracle and a HUGE blessing in our lives! I truly do not deserve such a perfect gift! I cannot wait to teach him about his Savior and tell him about all the wonderful things He's done!
My sweet baby XO

What a great daddy Trent is!

Since we got home Friday afternoon, everything has been perfect! Mom was here to greet us at home with a decorated house and hot dogs...my fave! It had been a long 9 months without them! :) She has been here to help through the day and night and we owe her big time. Thank you Mom. You are the sweetest!

Our decorated home! It's a boy!

I love when he makes this face!

Long arms and feet!

Just had to! I hope he never really wants a mohawk. :) hehe

The BEST Valentine's Day gift!

One of my favorite pics of my baby!

When these eyes look at me I melt!

Every morning is so much more fun knowing I have a little baby to take care of. Before Collins, I'd roll over...wish for a snow day...or hope for the weekend to come quickly. Now, my life has changed for the better! I cherish every day and hope it lasts forever! My life has a real purpose now and I look forward to every waking moment with my sweet new family. :)

Yes, I've already cried multiple times. I am already worried about him getting older, having girlfriends, not letting me kiss him someday, and the list goes on. I am just so in love with him and I don't want him to grow up! I know, he's only 6 days old, but when you become a mother, you want them to stay young forever!

Things we love about Collins:
-How he cuddles on your shoulder after you burp him
-When we talk to him, he seems to be really listening...His eyes look right at you and he seems still and peaceful
-This sound that he makes when he's sleeping...it's a little squeal that gets his mommy and daddy laughing every time
-His beautiful big eyes!
-When he stretches his legs and arms
-His yawns! His toothless gums are too cute

I love our new little family! I have so much to look forward to!

Many Blessings,


  1. Melissa Bacon2/15/11, 11:09 PM

    Congratulations Sweetie!! I have been keeping up with you through your posts and of course your sweet Momma! I can't wait to see her at BSF in the morning!! I had all those very same thoughts when Clint was born and you get just a glimmer of the vast love God has for each of us to entrust us with this most incredible gift of raising one of His children. Soak up every single thing, I just went in to say goodnight to Clint who is now 17 years old and he was in the Word, getting ready to lead his bible study group this week. The blessings only get better and better, this is the beginning of the best time of your life!! Love to you, Trent and Collins Paul Waltz!!! Melissa

  2. Oh Maegan! This post warmed my heart! I'm so happy for you and Trent and I can't wait to see how God is going to use Collins for the glory of His Kingdom!